How to decorate the second-hand room bathroom better

Some people buy second-hand houses and feel that the decoration of the house itself is good, so they will never decorate the house in order to save money. In fact, in the notes on the decoration of second-hand houses, it is believed that the decoration of second-hand houses is not only to make the residential environment more comfortable, but also to ensure that the Feng Shui in second-hand houses will be more helpful to the family’s fortune

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precautions for second-hand house decoration Feng Shui taboo in the bathroom

you need to know what kind of Feng Shui atmosphere people live in, and how the luck will change. Therefore, whether it is a second-hand house or a new house, you should decorate it, and pay attention to the relevant decoration Feng Shui. Here, we focus on some Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to in the bathroom in the process of second-hand house decoration

1. Bathroom mirror: if you want to install a mirror in the bathroom, you must pay attention that the mirror cannot face the door, toilet and faucet of the bathroom, otherwise it will form Feng Shui hedge, which is very unfavorable to residential Feng Shui. Because the mirror has the function of refracting the gas field, and the door, toilet and faucet are all things with strong gas field in the bathroom, so you must be careful

2. Toilet door: the function of the door is mainly to receive gas, so the toilet door must be paid attention to. There are many misunderstandings in the bathroom, so if the door of the bathroom in the second-hand house faces the door, bedroom and kitchen, it will have a certain adverse impact on residential Feng Shui. In the process of house decoration, it is necessary to change the air and water, which may have a great impact on the house in time

in addition, pay attention to relevant Feng Shui problems during the decoration of toilet, window and faucet, so as to ensure the smooth Feng Shui in the toilet and help the residential Feng Shui

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