What are the taboos on the placement of statues

First, statues should be reliable. Gods must be placed on the wall, otherwise the master is easy to be plotted by villains. There is a wall behind the statue, which means that the family has a backer and is easy to get help from others. You can’t lean against the window behind the statue, otherwise there is no support, and the home will fall down

Second, the gods should be straightened. The statue of God cannot be tilted to one side, and the correct position is sufficient. The middle line of the bridge of the statue of God’s nose should be aligned with the center of the incense burner in front and the screen in the back, so that the worshipped people can be sincere, self-cultivation and family unity

Third, the number of days of worship is singular. The number of gods to be worshipped at home must be singular, that is, one, three or five can be worshipped, but no more than five

Fourth, the statue cannot be blocked by the censer. The incense burner is equivalent to the case mountain of the God and cannot be higher than the waist of the God. If the statue of God is blocked by the incense burner, it will lead to the inferiority of the people in this family and it will be difficult to show their skills. At this time, we must use good wood blocks to pad up the statue of God

fifth, the statue cannot be put into the glass frame. Some people are afraid that the gods will be contaminated with dust. If it is not easy to clean up after a long time, they will put the gods in the glass frame, which is equivalent to putting the gods in the cage. The gods will not come, but may also lead to ghosts

sixth, the vision of the statue should be consistent with the orientation of the door. Only in this way can we see the furthest

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