What are the five elements of decoration materials

There are not many decoration materials that belong to fire , including plastics and artificial materials, because they are usually heated and processed. These materials have a wide range of uses, such as composite board, which can be used to make all kinds of cabinets. The parts requiring fire in the home can be decorated with these materials

materials belonging to soil are most typical clay pottery. The yin-yang properties of these products usually depend on the smoothness of their surfaces. In home decoration and decoration, such materials are generally used to make containers and decorations such as vases

all kinds of metals, such as steel, chromium, aluminum alloy, gold and silver, are Gold , which is characterized by promoting the rapid flow of gas. Where the air flow is blocked in the home, materials with gold flavor can be used for decoration and decoration

wood is a kind of wood in the five elements , which plays an important role in houses. Usually make the frame and floor of the house. Wood comes from nature, so it has masculinity and can guide the smooth passage of air flow. The texture of wood is also exquisite. The straight wood grain seems to absorb air. People are used to using natural products such as straw mats, which will also have a sense of shade. But pay attention to cleaning. This kind of fabric makes people feel comfortable. Usually used for covering and covering, curtains

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