A comprehensive knowledge of Feng Shui in the kitchen

The kitchen is an indispensable area in our home. At the same time, the feng shui of the kitchen also has a decisive impact on the feng shui of our home. Of course, we need to pay attention to some Feng Shui of the kitchen, and we also need to know some feng shui knowledge of the kitchen. Even the more we know the feng shui knowledge of the kitchen, the more beneficial it is. What are the complete feng shui knowledge of the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

kitchen Feng Shui orientation knowledge and precautions

I. kitchen feng shui knowledge taboo: space selection

shape: the space used as the kitchen should not be special in shape, usually square or rectangular space. Do not choose irregular shape space as the kitchen in order to save space and achieve utilization, so as to weaken the status of the kitchen too much, It is harmful to the homeowner’s diet and health, and affects the accumulation of wealth

orientation: the orientation of the kitchen should preferably face south or southeast, rather than west or northwest. This direction is golden in Feng Shui. When the setting sun shines on the kitchen in the afternoon, it is easy to form an opposition with the kitchen, and it is also easy to have an impact on the health of the owner. If the design and decoration pattern of the house has been finalized, you can decorate stone jewelry in the kitchen or dissolve it with a cup of water. The second point to pay attention to in the orientation of the kitchen is that it is best to have one side facing a spacious place to keep the kitchen dry and ventilated

Space: the choice of kitchen space can no longer be in the middle of the house. It occupies the position that originally belongs to the living room. The air field of other space areas is scattered on the water. Moreover, the kitchen is the place where the fire is generated. The main culprit is set in the middle of the house, excluding the influence of oil fume on the house, and the overall magnetic field pattern of the house is misplaced. The third point is that the confined space must not be selected for the kitchen space. The confined space is easy to breed bacteria, and can not be discharged in time in places with heavy oil smoke, which is harmful to health for a long time. Second, the kitchen should be set in the house’s own structure. In order to save space, do not open up a separate territory outside the house as a kitchen. One is the need for the kitchen and other regional space to form a whole, and the other is set on the external Feng Shui. The main clothes and food are not available, affecting the overall wealth

II: Kitchen feng shui knowledge taboo: part of the kitchen

is not connected with the toilet: it is easy to have health problems when the kitchen toilet is connected. In addition, the main fire in the kitchen and the main water in the toilet are yin and water. Feng Shui is incompatible, and family expenses will continue, resulting in the inability to gather money

the door is not relative: the kitchen door cannot be relative to the front door, the bedroom door, or the toilet door. The relative door will lead to a panoramic view of the interior of each space, no gas gathering, popularity, talent and luck. If it is unavoidable in the structure, partition, bead curtain and screen can be set to resolve the disadvantages in the pattern

floor height control: the floor height of the kitchen is often the same as that of the dining room and living room. It can’t be higher than other spaces or lower than other spaces. If the floor is too high, the primary and secondary position of the kitchen in the home will be unknown. If it is low, it will easily lead to some directional inflow of air flame, which is not good

III: Kitchen feng shui knowledge taboo: internal appliances

water and fire incompatibility: the kitchen sink and stove cannot be separated too close, and the L-shaped cabinet or U-shaped cabinet can be better avoided. In addition to paying more attention to the regional setting of the I-shaped cabinet, you can also place a pot of green plants in the kitchen for proper resolution

stove setting: first, there should be no crossbeam on the stove, and the crossbeam is compressed, which is easy to cause mental depression of residents; Second, the back of the stove cannot be empty or windows. When making a fire, the air flow will lead to unstable flame and easy to cause accidents. It is generally set against the wall. Third, do not set up a mirror opposite the stove. Some kitchens like to use a mirror to enhance the space of the kitchen because the space is too small. However, it is a big taboo of Feng Shui to have fire in the mirror

storage of utensils and food materials: the props, spoons, shovels and other utensils used in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall. In addition, the firmness and aesthetics of the wall is that these utensils are exposed. The geomantic magnetic field in the kitchen is a bad omen. In addition, many people like to put the food materials in the kitchen directly on the table, such as garlic, pepper and onion. These food materials belong to Yang in the geomantic attribute, which will absorb Yin, which is unfavorable to the owner of the house

the rice box refrigerator cannot be empty: the rice box and refrigerator should not be empty whether they are cooked regularly or not. There should be rice and items in it, and the main food and clothing should be carefree

the taboo content of kitchen feng shui knowledge Feng Shui is only a noun in the traditional sense. In fact, it is mainly based on the scientific and practical content of kitchen decoration to avoid inconvenience in the process of use. Some are explicit and some are implicit. The attention to kitchen Feng Shui in decoration will also make residents’ life more comfortable

do you know the six knowledge of Feng Shui in the kitchen

I. if the kitchen is in the south of the home, the south is already a hot place. If the kitchen is in this position, it will cause heat and dryness, which will easily affect the health of the family and lead to dangerous diseases, especially the mother who works in the kitchen for a long time

2. Feng Shui attaches great importance to the of mountain peaks, especially the situation outside the house. If you see a building with a pointed roof outside the kitchen, you can see the mountain peaks in the shape of fire. As long as the three Bi (belonging to wood), four green (belonging to wood) and nine purple (belonging to fire) of LiuNian flying star are in this direction, you will have the opportunity to trigger the mountain peaks of this fire elephant and affect the health of your family, especially your mother, Because she stayed in the kitchen for the longest time (of course, it can only be determined by referring to the original chart of the house)

When the kitchen is opened, the fire and dryness of the kitchen are easily caused by the fire and dryness. If the fire and dryness of the kitchen are caused by the opening of the kitchen door, it is very important to avoid the fire and dryness of the kitchen, Make the whole family vulnerable to physical problems; It would be better if it were not open, but there was no kitchen door installed

4. There are other reasons unrelated to pure Feng Shui. For example, some friends will put a lot of electrical appliances in the kitchen, which makes the electromagnetic wave in the kitchen extremely high, especially some old microwave ovens. I have used the electromagnetic wave detector for detection. When the microwave oven is in operation, the electromagnetic wave released is extremely high. How can I be healthy if I cook in this environment every day

5. Most middle-class citizens in Wuhan live below 1000 square feet. In order to save space, some friends will use their brains in decoration. The kitchen and toilet use the same entrance and exit to increase the practicability of the house; However, because the toilet is a hotbed of bacteria, if the kitchen and toilet are connected, it will indirectly add a lot of bacteria to the kitchen and affect the health of the whole family. The mother has been in the kitchen for the longest time. Of course, the chance of infection is the greatest! In contrast, ancient toilets (latrines) were built outside the house, not only to avoid peculiar smell, but also to reduce disease infection. It can be seen that the ancients had long understood this truth

VI. if the kitchen is in the northwest of the house, it is ” Fire Tianmen, The northwest is dry; Dry is heaven, and there is an open fire in the kitchen (even if there is no fire for cooking, there is also heat and the image of fire), which is ” Fire Tianmen gate ” Therefore, dry application in people represents the old father of the family, that is, the head of the family. The male master of the family is restrained and fails to deal with the responsibility of being a father. How can a mother be alone? It is necessary to work harder for the large and small affairs of the family. This year’s nine purple fire is in the northwest, which is easier to realize this phenomenon

what is the knowledge of geomantic omen in kitchen stove orientation

taboo of geomantic omen in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; Facing the kitchen door

the stove cannot be placed facing the kitchen door. If the kitchen door is facing the restaurant table, it will be even more unfavorable. Because the five elements of the stove belong to fire, the stove is directly opposite to the kitchen door, and the fire and gas collide with the door. The first thing is that money is damaged. Secondly, the family is easy to be grumpy. They will quarrel after a few words, and quarrels often occur, resulting in emotional disharmony

Feng Shui taboo in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; No back

when the stove is placed, there must be a wall behind it, not in front of the window or under the bed. Feng Shui stresses that there are backers behind it. Without backers, family luck will become unstable and the health of family members will be adversely affected. Therefore, the position of the stove must not be in the middle of the kitchen. This position is unreliable on all sides, which will lead to the decline of family fortune, the loss of wealth, and the family is also prone to mental diseases

Feng Shui taboo in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; Water and fire collide

the five elements of the stove are fire. They are naturally opposed to water objects. We must not make them too close to or in a straight line with water objects. Therefore, the stove cannot be directly next to the sink, and there must be buffer space in the middle; Nor can it be placed under the water tower. This pattern can not accumulate wealth; If a fish tank is placed in the room, it must not be in line with the stove, otherwise it will damage the health of the family

Feng Shui taboo in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; Orientation taboo

first, the orientation of the kitchen stove must not be opposite to the direction of the house. For example, if the direction of the house is facing south, the direction of the stove must not be facing south to north. Secondly, the stove cannot be placed on the dry side of the kitchen. The dry side represents the position of the owner, which will depress the owner’s fortune. Finally, the stove can’t be in the corner of the house and kitchen. This location has a very low Feng Shui fortune, which is bad for the health of the family

Feng Shui taboo in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; Don’t lean against the toilet

there should be a backer behind the stove, but you can’t lean against the wall behind the toilet. First, the toilet is a place to hide filth. The gas field is extremely dirty. It belongs to an unlucky place, which will bring filthy Feng Shui gas field to the kitchen. Second, the five elements of the toilet belong to water. When water and fire meet, the fire is suppressed and the gas field of the kitchen will be depressed

Feng Shui taboo in kitchen stove orientation ” mdash” mdash; Beam brake

beam brake is familiar to everyone. It refers to a piece protruding from the ceiling. Many furniture in furniture should avoid it. The stove should also avoid the crossbeam brake, otherwise it will affect the health of the family, which is the most unfavorable to those who often cook. If the position of the stove cannot be adjusted, you can use the Feng Shui mascot to dissolve the beam brake

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