What’s the point of installing a mirror in the bathroom

The bathroom is the most suitable place for mirrors in a house. Especially for the bathroom without windows, the mirror can enhance the sense of space

1, the size of the mirror

for people who just get up, the mirror can make people return to reality from their dreams. Therefore, the mirror in the bathroom should be as large as possible. It can expand the energy contracted due to sleep as much as possible and make people energetic. If there is still space above the head when looking in the mirror, it means that the development of the career is bright, but too much space will make people dream. You can’t choose a mirror that is too small. You can only see a mirror with one face, which is not conducive to the development of your career

2. mirror shape

” mdash; Generally speaking, the mirror in the bathroom is square, which represents balance and order, but do not have sharp edges and corners. If coupled with a circular sink and lights. It is more conducive to the establishment of Feng Shui balance. Round and oval mirrors are also suitable for use. Diamond and polygonal mirrors should not be used. In addition, it should be noted that the mirror represents the development of the career. Therefore, the mirror should be kept clean and the water stains and fog on the mirror should be wiped away at any time. The clearer it is, the better

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