Where does the clock hang? Feng Shui is good

Generally, a clock will be placed or hung in the living room or dining room. On the one hand, it can master the time, on the other hand, it is also a kind of decoration

the location of the wall clock is actually very particular. All the good and bad luck of feng shui theory is due to ” Motivation ” ; If there is no movement in a good direction, the auspicious will not show; If there is no movement in the fierce position, the evil spirit will not attack. The clock is an object that moves every minute. In fact, if you can make good use of it, it is a good prop to promote prosperity (here is a knowledge of “Six Harmonies and your position” for you)

Liuhe is the combination of six identical directions. Do you think the connecting lines look like tracks on the earth

after knowing the Liuhe position of your zodiac, you can put some objects moving like a clock in this position. Of course, you can also open the door, set the stove and put the bed here. If only the moving image occurs in this position, it means that people will be lucky

it is better to choose a clock with a circle and a pendulum. A clock with a triangle or an acute angle is considered to be unfavorable to people in Feng Shui

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