What Feng Shui do you pay attention to in bedroom decoration

We spend about one-third of our day in the bedroom, and the bedroom has become an important place related to our fortune, so we have to pay attention to Feng Shui in the decoration of the bedroom; So what Feng Shui does bedroom decoration pay attention to? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

What Feng Shui do you pay attention to in bedroom decoration

What Feng Shui taboos do you pay attention to in bedroom decoration

1. There are too many electrical appliances, especially the TV is facing the foot of the bed

there are too many electrical appliances in the bedroom, which is called ” Huozhai ” , Affect health. Modern medical theory also points out that electrical radiation does harm human health. The foot is the second heart of people. If the TV in standby mode is facing the foot of the bed, its radiation will more easily affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of both feet

expert advice:

put less electrical appliances in the bedroom, especially don’t put the TV directly at the foot of the bed, and unplug the power when not in use

2. The door of the bathroom in the bedroom is facing the bed

the survey found that most residents with a bathroom in the bedroom, especially those whose bathroom is facing the bed, do have low back pain symptoms. This is because no matter how luxurious the toilet is, it can not change the essence of sewage discharge. The air quality is poor, and more moisture is produced after bathing. If the door of the bathroom is facing the bed, it will not only easily damp the bed, but also easily affect the air quality of the bedroom. If it grows in the world, it will lead to low back pain and increase the detoxification burden of the kidney

experts suggest:

put a few pots of clay foliage plants in the toilet, or add a screen between the bed and the toilet door as a shelter

3. The area is more than 20 square meters

in fact, what Feng Shui says ” Popularity ” ; That’s what we found later ” Human energy field ” ;. The human body is an energy body that radiates energy all the time. Just like the air conditioner at work, the larger the area of the house, the more energy it consumes. Therefore, the bedroom area is too large, which leads to the decline of immunity, listlessness, judgment, wrong decisions and even ” Bad luck ” ; Sick

expert advice:

it is better to control the bedroom area at 10-20 square meters

4. With balcony or floor to ceiling window

if the bedroom has balcony or floor to ceiling window, it will also increase the energy consumption in the process of sleep. People are easily tired, insomnia, and the glass structure can not save human heat. This is the same reason that sleeping in the open air is easy to get sick

expert advice:

choose a room without balcony or floor to ceiling windows as the bedroom, or hang thick curtains on the balcony and floor to ceiling windows for shelter

5. The window is large, facing east or west

Feng Shui Master points out that sleeping in a room with a large window, facing east or west is easy because of ” Guangsha ” ; Cause ” Bloody Disaster ” ;. Because in the room facing east or west, the fierce sunshine in the morning or afternoon will lead to too strong light in the bedroom, stimulate nerves, affect rest, lead to insomnia, and make people become prism, impulsive and irritable

expert advice:

choose a room with a small window facing north or South as the bedroom. If you have lived in a room facing east or west, it is impossible to change temporarily, then pay attention to pulling the curtains at an appropriate time

6. The roof directly above the bed is equipped with a chandelier

Feng Shui admiral ” The roof directly above the bed is equipped with a chandelier ” ; Called ” Chandelier press, Think ” The evil spirit is heavy;. Bad for health. Modern psychological research has found that if the ceiling above the bed is equipped with chandeliers, it will indeed give people psychological hints, increase people’s psychological pressure, affect endocrine, and then cause a series of health problems such as insomnia, nightmares, respiratory emergencies and so on

expert advice:

keep the roof directly above the bed open and use floor lamps or table lamps with soft light beside the bed

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in the decoration of husband and wife’s bedroom

I. flowers and plants should not be placed in the bedroom

aquatic plants, fish tanks, etc. It’s best not to put them in the bedroom. If they are placed in the bedroom, it’s easy to extinguish the couple’s love, it’s better to be careful

Second, the mirror can’t face the head of the bed

I believe many friends have heard this statement, but I don’t know the reason. In fact, when the mirror is facing the head of our bed, we are always easy to dream, and women are easy to have dizziness, headache or even panic. We should avoid this kind of decoration. If the mirror has to be placed like this because of space, cover it with a cloth after using up the mirror

III. red bedding is not commonly used

clearly red represents auspiciousness and festivity. Why not use it often? The frequent use of red pillows, quilts, sheets, etc. is very unfavorable to the relationship between husband and wife. It is easy to quarrel, which makes it difficult for the relationship to be harmonious, or even leads to the breakdown of the relationship, so we must pay special attention to avoid it

IV. do not place the decoration in odd numbers

we often say that good things come in pairs, which is not unreasonable. When arranging the wedding room, it is best to put all the items used in the decoration in even numbers instead of singular numbers. Singular number is easy to cause feelings to appear multi angle relationship and become complex

v. too many electrical appliances are forbidden in the bedroom

it’s best not to put too many electrical appliances in the bedroom. Too many electrical appliances in the bedroom will not only affect health, but also lead to quarrels. For the sake of two people’s sweetness and happiness, we should pay attention. Moreover, modern medical theory points out that electrical radiation does harm human health

What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in the decoration of girls’ bedrooms

Feng Shui taboo in girls’ bedrooms I

avoid using spaces with beveled edges or polygonal shapes as bedrooms. Because the oblique edge is easy to cause the illusion of line of sight, and the multi angle room is easy to cause the feeling of oppression, so living in such a room will increase the spiritual burden of the residents. This is even more serious for those who are cooperative (Taiyin, Tianliang and Tiantong), the main star of Ziwei life palace. Because this kind of people are relatively weak, if they are oppressed for a long time, they are easy to get sick or have accidents

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom decoration

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom II

the influence of the bedroom bed against the window is more serious for people who are pioneering (seven murders, breaking the army, honesty and greed wolves) in the main star of Ziwei life palace. Because the pioneering character is more passionate and easy to take risks, and the bedroom bed is close to the window, it will make people feel empty and helpless and unable to keep their feet on the ground, so it is quite unfavorable to the development of their career

secondly, the bedside of the bedroom is close to the wall in order to make the residents have a pillow to rely on and enhance the noble luck of the residents, so as not to fight alone. At the same time, because most houses in modern society are close to each other, if the bedroom bed is too close to the window, there will be no hiding place for private life

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom decoration

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom III

influenced by Japanese and Korean dramas, many young people today like to learn the lifestyle of the play, sleep on the ground with only a layer of quilt on the ground, or directly lay the mattress on the ground. In fact, such an approach is completely wrong

shuangmulin diatom mud reminds us that the bed surface should be kept about 50 cm away from the ground, and the bottom of the bed must be cleaned regularly to ensure the cleanness of the environment under the bed, and sundries cannot be accumulated under the bed. Keep a distance from the ground and do not stack sundries to ensure smooth air under the bed. At the same time, it can also prevent the moisture on the ground from penetrating into the mattress, thus affecting the health of users

Feng Shui taboo in girls’ bedroom decoration

problems that should be paid attention to in girls’ bedroom decoration:

I. privacy. The bedroom is a private space, and its privacy features are reflected in two parts:

1. Invisible Privacy ” mdash” mdash; This requires it to have relatively strict protective measures, including the tightness of door leaves and curtains

(1) the material used for the door leaf shall be as thick as possible, and it is not suitable to directly use 3mm or 5mm plate for sealing; If 5mm plate is used, another layer of 3mm panel should be pasted on the plate

(2) keep the lower part of the door leaf 0.3-0.5cm from the ground

(3) the curtain shall be made of thick cloth; If it is a thin curtain, a layer of screen should be added. This is beneficial to enhance the privacy of the bedroom and reduce the interference of sleep time line

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom decoration

2. No privacy ” mdash” mdash; This requires the bedroom to have a certain sound insulation ability. Generally speaking, the partitions are enough now, but some owners like to break down the partition between the two houses based on space considerations, and then make a two-way or one-way wardrobe. This practice needs to pay attention to the partitions

II. Environmental protection. Compared with other spaces in the bedroom, environmental protection is a problem that has to be raised. One bedroom is relatively closed, and the other is more furniture. The materials used are very important. Similarly, ventilation is also very important. After the new bedroom is decorated, it should be in a good ventilation state. At the same time, the newly purchased furniture should also open the cabinet door and drawer for ventilation and dissipation

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom decoration

III. bedroom light: the lighting of the bedroom is generally a combination of overall lighting and local lighting. It is suggested to arrange lamps with soft light as far as possible to avoid dazzling, dizzy or dark light in Mandarin. Natural light is the light brought by the reflection and refraction of sunlight. In general, natural light has a great impact on the indoor environment, which should be properly controlled. The bedroom is a place to rest. In addition to providing a soft light source that is easy to calm the eyes, it is more important to use the lighting layout to alleviate the tense life pressure during the day. The lighting in the bedroom should be soft

Feng Shui taboo for girls’ bedroom decoration

the lighting of the bedroom can be divided into ceiling lights, bed lights and low night lights that illuminate the whole room. The ceiling lights should be installed in a place where the light is not dazzling and should not be too dark, otherwise it will affect people’s mood. Artificial light is mainly the layout of lights. A reasonable lighting layout will calm people’s mood and make it easier to fall asleep. The lighting light should be soft and warm. Wall lamps, spotlights, ceiling lamps and other lamps can be used. The light source should be incandescent lamps, and strong light or fluorescent lamps should be avoided. Artificial lights sometimes come in from the outside, so we need to make rational use of curtains to control it. For the design of multi-functional bedroom space, generally speaking, bedroom and study are more common, which requires elegance, solemnity, tranquility and simplicity

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