What are the highlights of the construction of household gardens

A house that can have a small household garden is absolutely large enough in terms of floor area, and its house type often meets the requirements of home feng shui. This also makes the garden itself must have a stable Feng Shui in construction. Otherwise, it will become the biggest culprit disturbing the stability of home feng shui

the road of the garden must be straight

this means that the path in the middle of the household garden should pay attention to the directionality when building. It is best to be able to directly connect the garden gate and the house gate, and do not show an arc if it needs to change direction

this is because the entrance garden is the porch of the house from the perspective of Feng Shui, and the porch is the buffer space between the door and the living room. Its main function is to avoid the Feng Shui flowing from the door directly impacting the living room. At this time, if there are windows or balconies on the wall behind the living room, it will form a hedge. Therefore, the roads in the garden must be built straight enough to ensure the normal operation of air transportation

the garden should maintain sufficient light

this is also well understood. After all, the area of the household garden will not be very large. Once tall trees are planted, it is easy to lead to the lack of sufficient light in the garden, which will not only fail to make the plants and flowers in the garden grow healthily, but also make the whole garden too cloudy and unable to bring good feng shui to the house

therefore, it is not allowed to plant too tall trees in the garden, or build pavilions with strong shading effect

it’s best to have water in the garden

even if it’s impossible to build a pool, make sure there are enough water pipes to water the flowers at any time. You should know that the requirements for water in Feng Shui are very clear, ” There are mountains and water ” ; It’s called Feng Shui. If there is living water in the garden, it means good fortune at home

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