Why can’t the window face the railing

In home feng shui, the situation of houses facing railings is rare. In modern architecture, the outer edge of some parks or communities is surrounded by railings, and some residential balconies are also decorated with rows of railings. From the perspective of environmental aesthetics, the railing itself is a building with classical beauty. But in Feng Shui, if the window of the house faces the railing, the family is easy to get sick

there is a ” Shout and drink like ” ; It means that people will associate with objective things, and the aura formed by this association will affect Feng Shui. The window faces the railing ” Centipede evil spirit ” ;. The image of the railing is easy to associate with the multi legged centipede. The centipede is a poisonous insect. There are many legends of centipede harming people in the folk. However, it is not good for residents to face the railing with the image of centipede for a long time

when the window faces the railing, it is called a crime in Feng Shui ” Centipede evil spirit, It should be avoided. In addition, the window is facing the drainage pipe, which is also a ” Centipede evil spirit, It’s not good for house transportation. The best way to resolve the centipede evil is to put chicken ornaments such as stone chicken or iron chicken in the direction of the railing or drainage pipe. Of course, the chicken should hold its head high and face the evil spirit outside the window

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