How should the interior of the shoe cabinet at the entrance be designed to benefit

The shoe cabinet is an important arrangement for the entrance to play the role of Feng Shui. In addition to the position of the shoe cabinet, we should also pay attention to the internal design of the shoe cabinet, which should not only be conducive to health, but also comply with certain Feng Shui principles

when designing the interior of the shoe cabinet, it should not be set as a horizontal partition, but as an inclined angle. On the one hand, the shoes placed in the shoe cabinet can naturally drop dust without being contaminated on the partition, which is more hygienic

on the other hand, in Feng Shui, it is to make a difference between the height of the toe and the tail. The toe is upward and the tail is downward. The toe is upward, which means walking in all directions and rising step by step. Downward represents the downturn of fortune all the way, rather than steady and no progress

in addition, the door of the shoe cabinet should not be completely closed, but a certain space should be reserved for ventilation, so as to comply with the principle of airflow on Feng Shui, so as not to make the peculiar smell of shoes pollute the air and disperse into the air, spreading all over the house, causing the dirty air to collide with the family and destroy the Feng Shui in the house

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