Why shouldn’t the bookcase be connected with the desk

Now some designers design bookcases and desks as a whole in order to save space. This design is not particularly suitable in family study, and it is not particularly auspicious in Feng Shui

first of all, this is not conducive to the balance of yin and Yang in the study. We know that Feng Shui emphasizes balance, and Yin and Yang contain each other. In Feng Shui, the bookcase is Yin and the desk is Yang. When they are put together, they seem to be balanced, but in fact they will cause confusion in the air field, because in the feng shui of practical Yang house, the balance of yin and Yang requires a buffer distance, and the direct intersection of the two will produce impact, just as it is a truth that the bookcase cannot be placed by the window. Generally speaking, there should be a certain distance between the bookcase and the desk

secondly, it is not conducive to personal academic and career development. This design usually has the bookshelf on the top and the desk under it, and the books on the bookshelf are right on top of people’s heads. Although the books themselves carry Wenchang Yun, it will be difficult to accept that Wenchang Yun is directly pressed on the top of people’s heads, but it forms ” Mount Tai presses the top of the mountain ” ; Feng Shui situation will hinder the smooth development of personal fortune

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