Feng Shui pays attention to the decoration of new houses

Feng Shui is very particular about the decoration of new houses there are also many improper and cumbersome, so we should be cautious. Feng Shui is not good, the people living in it are easy to lose luck, poor communication between family members, the development of children and career promotion will be affected to varying degrees

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Feng Shui in new house decoration pays attention to

Feng Shui in new house decoration pays attention to

1 The entrance of the new house gate is like the throat of the human body, and its Feng Shui function is very important. The ceiling of the porch should be high rather than low. If it is too low, it will give people a sense of oppression. It is an unlucky omen in Feng Shui, symbolizing that the family is difficult to get out of the pass and is constrained by oppression; In addition, when decorating the porch, mirror glass cannot be used. The mirror with reflection usually cannot face the door, which will reflect the wealth of the family

  2. The light in the new bedroom should not be too strong, because the bed is a resting place, and the strong light is easy to make the mood restless. You can install curtains to reduce the light of the whole space; However, the light in the living room space needs to be brighter. A bright living room can bring strong family fortune. On the contrary, it may lead to the interruption of financial fortune

  3. The bedroom door of the new house cannot be directly facing the kitchen door, bathroom and storage room door, nor should they be opposite, because in Feng Shui, these will affect the environment of the whole bedroom space and indirectly affect the physical and mental health of the residents

  4. The new bed should not be placed with the head of the bed facing west, because the earth turns from east to west. If the head faces west, sleep is more unstable; The bed cannot face the mirror, because people are half awake and are easily frightened by the image in the mirror; The bed water can carry the door behind its back, which will make people feel incomplete and affect their rest

  5. In the decoration of new houses, if the setting is wrong, setting the living room in the rear will cause the pattern of returning money, which is easy to cause the decline of wealth. Feng Shui stresses ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ” ;. There is no porch or low cabinet between the gate and the living room. The external air directly rushes into the living room, which will dissipate the Yang in the house, resulting in the evil spirit of damaging the wealth of the family

  6. The bright living room can bring prosperity and smooth sailing; Conversely, it may lead to financial disruption. In the feng shui of house decoration, the feng shui of living room is particularly important; The living room should first have good daylighting conditions and bright sunshine; Therefore, try to avoid placing too many dense potted plants on the balcony to avoid blocking the light. The living room is a place where family and friends meet. It is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere

  7. If the bedroom is too big, too bright and there are too many windows, the Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, and the Yin Qi of loneliness and deficiency is born. If there is more Yin Qi, the relationship between husband and wife is easy to cool, discord and dispute; However, if you live in a small bedroom, you will feel depressed, which will affect the owner’s physical health and mental mood over time

  8. The ceiling of the living room roof is high above. For residential Feng Shui, it is a symbol of heaven, so it is very important. The common storey height of modern houses is about 2.8 meters. If the roof is decorated with false ceiling, the design is slightly improper, it will appear very tired. There is a strong sense of oppression caused by the collapse of the sky, and the residents will be under too much pressure

the Feng Shui color of new house decoration pays attention to

different colors have different meanings and effects on Feng Shui of new house decoration. Using them can bring good luck to yourself, otherwise it may be counterproductive. The best colors in the new house decoration home are milky white, ivory and white. These three colors are most suitable for people’s visual nerve, because sunlight is a white series, representing light and people’s heart. The eye also needs to be bright to reconcile, and the white series in the home is best equipped with furniture, and the white series also represents hope. More green furniture in the home will also make the will of the whole family members gradually depressed. Pink is the most ferocious color. Pink often leads to family members’ irritability, which is easy to lead to husband and wife quarrels, quarrels and disputes. Too much red home is also a burden to the eyes. In fact, red can easily make people feel irritable. Therefore, when decorating a new house, red can only be used as a small part of the color matching, not as a theme color

Feng Shui in new house decoration pays attention to

select a house suitable for a sufficient number of people to achieve balance. The house with scattered gas and no gathering will cause the residents to be impulsive and careless in speaking and handling affairs, which is easy to offend people. As the saying goes, misfortune comes from the mouth, and there are naturally more words of right and wrong. If the family is very busy every day, the fortunes of people living at home will gradually improve, which is the insurance of wind and gas accumulation in the house

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