What are the taboos and suitability of Feng Shui furnishings in the study

The taboos and suitability of Feng Shui furnishings on the desk are as follows:

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(1) the desk should face the door : the door is facing, and the outside is the bright hall. In this way, the master is sober and smart, but remember not to be rushed by the door

(2) the seat should have a back : sit behind the wall, which was called Leshan in ancient times. This kind of arrangement is favored by noble people. Children who go to school are favored by teachers, people who work, and appreciated and supported by their superiors, so that their career can develop well

(3) it is not suitable to be rushed by the door : this door offends the door. The owner is not focused and has poor spirit, which leads to poor test scores, while adults are prone to mistakes in work, etc

(4) don’t go back to the door : this lacks the style of backing the mountain. Those who go to school can’t get the love of teachers, and those who go to work can’t get the appreciation and support of their superiors. Career, work, so get twice the result with half the effort

(5) it is not suitable to be placed in the middle palace : it is a lonely and helpless person in all directions. It will not be good in spirit, study and career

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