Why can’t the kitchen face the door

The gate is the key point of a house. There are many Feng Shui taboos about it. It can not only face the dirty places such as the bathroom, but also collide with the cooking place, that is, the kitchen. If the door of the home is facing the kitchen door, the health of the family will be affected, especially by some chronic diseases, such as stomach and skin diseases. If there is such a Feng Shui problem at home, as long as families who have to use the kitchen to cook at least seven or eight times a week, they should pay special attention to solving this problem

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the simplest way to solve this kind of shock is to hang a feng shui compass on the lintel of the kitchen, or install a set of ” Six copper coins ” , Both of these measures can defuse the relevant evil spirits. If the open kitchen is scratched by the door, it can also be regarded as a crime. In this case, the compass should also be hung. However, since there is no door in the open kitchen, the hanging method is slightly different. The most correct way is to hang the compass on the ceiling facing the door

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