How should the kitchen shelf be placed

If there are many kinds of things in the kitchen, such as condiments and knives, it is always the best to put them in the kitchen. Many people place shelves in the kitchen, but have you ever thought that small shelves are also exquisite in Feng Shui? Today, let’s talk about how to place shelves in the kitchen from the perspective of Feng Shui

1. The shelf is placed against the sink

the kitchen shelf should be placed away from the sink and against the sink, so there will be more gossip in people’s life, and it’s hard to be pointed at. At this time, we also pay special attention to what we will be like in the eyes of others, care about other people’s eyes, and can’t stand gossip. With this arrangement, there are more troubles in life

2. The shelf should not be placed too high

the high placement of the shelf in the kitchen will affect everyone’s popularity. Such placement will make everyone arrogant. In the process of getting along with and contacting others, everyone will have arrogant performance, which is not good. With this arrangement, you will lose the love of others for yourself, and your life will be more and more lonely and not recognized by everyone

3. The shelves should not be placed at will

the random placement of the shelves in the kitchen will make everyone have the behavior of breaking money, become impulsive to spend money, and have the psychology of comparison. When comparing with others, people often don’t take into account their own economic situation. Once the psychology of comparison arises, everyone’s economic pressure will increase, the economic situation often becomes worse, and the ability to keep money will decline

4. The shelf placement is too low

the shelf placement in the kitchen cannot be too low. Such placement will make everyone’s peach blossom bad luck. What we meet is not the positive peach blossom, but the rotten peach blossom we are afraid of. With this arrangement, the relationship between everyone and rotten peach blossom is often unclear. If there is an unclear relationship emotionally, it will be difficult to get true love, and the image will become worse

5. Pay attention to the feng shui of the shelf

it is good for the shelf to be placed in a place with good light. Such placement will make everyone’s work smooth. The improvement of work ability depends on everyone’s efforts and the accumulation of experience in the workplace. When we rely on ourselves for work development, we will feel more at ease, and we can also help the people around us, and the working atmosphere will become better

placing shelves in the kitchen will bring us great convenience. There are many things to pay attention to when placing things in the kitchen. We must not place them casually, because if they are not placed well, they may also affect the kitchen Feng Shui. Pay more attention to yourself in life. Placing them correctly is very beneficial to the kitchen Feng Shui

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