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Hanging some pictures in the right place can not only avoid the monotony of the wall, but also increase the beauty. At the same time, it also shows the mood and style of the owner. Whether the selection and placement of pictures are appropriate will imply the luck of the family

Miss Zhou moved to her new house and received a landscape painting from her friend. Miss Zhou wanted to hang it in her study, but she didn’t know where to hang it. I drew a picture and told her the right place

water is best in front of the house, that is to see water in the rosefinch hall. If the desk is facing the door, the left and right position of the door and the aisle outside the door are Mingtang. You can refer to the diagram to know where the picture should be hung

hanging landscape painting will help fortune and work. Because it is a fake mountain and water, its function is naturally far less effective than the real mountain and water. Examples are as follows:

you can hang up ” Jiuru fish picture ” , Take nine red fish ” Fish ” ; With Ruyi ” Such as ” ; The homonym of the word nine is ” Long ” ; The homonym of is a long-term meaning, which is interpreted as a long-term satisfaction and has a good idea. And ” Fish every year; It’s also a good choice

the picture of waterfall may be liked by many people, but although the waterfall has momentum, the incoming water is too urgent. It can not be hung in the study and bedroom, but in the living room. The water flows inward. At the same time, a cornucopia should be placed under the picture “#039; Intended to hold water and receive money

some pictures of rough and turbulent waves are considered as fierce images and should not be hung in houses. The paintings of rivers, lakes and seas, the winding and sentimental streams, the calm lakes and the rippling microwaves make the main cause smooth and the accumulation of money, which is a very suitable auspicious picture

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