How to decorate the study

The study is a place for a family to study, work and think. If the layout of the study conforms to the principle of storing wind and gathering Qi of Feng Shui, that is, a good gas field is formed in the study, then the residents will be affected by this gas field, and the efficiency of work and study will be improved accordingly

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(1) find the Wenchang position. As long as the study or desk is set at the Wenchang position, the atmosphere of the study will be very good

(2) the main color of the study wall should be bright, clean and soft light color series. The first consideration should be light blue and light green, because the book belongs to wood and Wenchang star also belongs to wood. This kind of color is related to wood. Wood floor should be selected for the ground, and wallpaper, plate and other materials with good sound-absorbing effect can also be selected for the wall

(3) if the sun outside the window is strong, the curtains in the study should choose the color screen that can not only block the light, but also have a transparent feeling. The shutter is a good choice

(4) some bonsai, calligraphy and painting can also be properly arranged in the study to reflect the cultural atmosphere of the study

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