How to choose the lamps in the study

The light in the study is the key. It should be noted that the fluorescent lamp should not be used as the main lamp, because the light source of the fluorescent lamp is extremely unstable, especially the flashing light is not conducive to learning. It is not easy for students to cross the work desk, and it is not easy for students to go to school

therefore, the lamps in the study need to be carefully selected. Taking into account the need to facilitate reading, learning and access to books. In addition to the necessary chandeliers and wall lamps in the study, table lamps, bedside lamps and spotlights for bookcases are also necessary lamps in the study

for desk lamps, either floor type or table type can be selected, but they should not be too close to people, so as to effectively avoid the damage to people’s eyes caused by strong lights. However, even the light of other lamps should not be too strong. In addition, when it can make people comfortable, it is also best to use milky white or light yellow color for wall lamp and ceiling lamp, which also meets the requirements of home feng shui and can create a warm atmosphere and space

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