Where is the brake position in the house

We often say that the position of the three evil spirits at home is particular, so in Feng Shui, the position of the three evil spirits at home is particular about what kind of ornaments are suitable for that position, and the position of the evil spirits at home should pay attention to those things. One Feng Shui Master said that all these things are particular, and our objects in the position of the evil spirits are not suitable for everything in Feng Shui

how to commit the three evils

in Feng Shui, we should try our best to avoid committing the three evils. Committing the three evils may lead to serious problems such as accidental injury of family members, illness and loss of wealth, or reckless disaster

first of all, the place where the three evil spirits face should be quiet rather than moving. It is forbidden to build earth, the upper beam of the column, enter the population, etc. secondly. The gate of the public house, the door of the office and bedroom should not face the three evil spirits of LiuNian. Third, the office desk, bedroom bed, etc. should not be located in the three evil directions indoors. Special attention should be paid to these aspects

how to resolve the crime of three evils

in Feng Shui, it can be seen from the calculation method of three evils that the three evils square is mutually exclusive with LiuNian and five elements, and Yin and yang are incompatible. If you violate the three evils, please invite the five elements and eight trigrams to be pasted on the bedrooms, living rooms, offices and other main rooms to calm the house and protect peace. The five elements and eight trigrams can promote the energy circulation of the five elements, regulate the balance of the yin-yang Qi field, and straighten out the Yin-Yang and five elements Qi field, which can effectively resolve the harm of the three evils. One life, two fortunes and three geomantic omens. Please carry the Yin-Yang and five elements amulet with you, safe and auspicious. Now there are fake five elements and eight trigrams. The fake five elements and eight trigrams not only have no dissolving effect, but will have considerable harm and side effects. Special attention should be paid to these aspects

the door position violates the three evil spirits of LiuNian

in Feng Shui, we should pay special attention to the door position at home, which are respectively:

if the door is in this position, it is bad for the family

if the door of the master bedroom is in this position, it will be disadvantageous to the host and hostess

if the door of the office is in this position, it is unfavorable to the people working inside

if the door of the children’s room is in this position, it is unfavorable to the growth of children

if the kitchen door is in this position, you should pay attention to your health

if the door of the toilet is in this position, pay attention to the consumption of money

in other words, in the year of the dog, those who enter the house, bedroom door, toilet door, kitchen door and office door in the north, northeast and northwest belong to the three evil spirits of LiuNian. Why should we pay attention that the door can’t be in the position of three evils? Because the door is the mouth for receiving Qi, just like a person’s mouth, it brings in auspicious Qi, and the family is lucky. If the evil spirit is included, the people in it will have bad health, feelings, career and constant disasters

the first auspicious place: the southeast is beneficial not only to wealth, but also to health and fortune in all aspects

transportation method:

1. HuangJinGe, cornucopia, Amethyst cave, fish tank, running water jewelry, etc. can be placed to achieve the effect of gathering wealth

2. Place rich and noble fish to store wealth and generate wealth

the second auspicious position: the central middle palace, which represents happiness, peach blossom and marriage promotion

transportation method:

1. Vase can be placed. Clear water and flowers are often placed in the vase, which is helpful to improve peach blossom and love luck. Or place four small green potted plants

2. Place special Chinese knots for Feng Shui to better detonate auspicious and prosperous transportation

the third auspicious place: in the northwest, it is conducive to peach blossom, promotion, popularity and love

shipping method:

1. Metal jewelry or flowing jewelry can be placed to increase good luck

2. Here is a large coin dedicated to Feng Shui, so that peach blossom luck can promote prosperity and wealth

the fourth auspicious position: due south, representing Wenchang

transportation method:

1. A basin (or four branches) of rich and noble bamboo can be placed, and red ribbons can be tied at the bamboo joints to balance Yin Qi, which can improve the efficiency of reading, examination and work

2. Let go of guangwenchang tower here

the first culprit: due north, it represents a disaster, which is easy to catch a cold, get sick and get injured

transportation method:

1. Large electrical appliances, water accessories, fish tanks, etc. should not be placed in this area to avoid physical discomfort

2. Copper gourd can be placed to dissolve the evil Qi

the second culprit: due to the west, it represents the sign of disease, which is prone to minor pain, gastrointestinal diseases and other phenomena. Pay attention to the prevention of diseases, especially the spleen and stomach, diet, skin and so on

transportation method:

copper gourd can be placed to dissolve the disease gas

the third villain: Zhengdong, which represents tongue, injury and bad peach blossom

transportation method:

1. Placing a pot of aquatic plants (such as Pueraria lobata) can dissolve the tongue and bad peach blossom

2. Put the safety bottle in the east to protect the health and wealth of the family

the fourth culprit: the southwest is prone to disputes, discord, knife wounds, hand and foot injuries, etc

transportation method:

special desk mirror for Feng Shui can be placed in the southwest

the fifth villain: in the northeast, it is easy to have disputes between right and wrong, which leads to bad luck, and the residents are easy to be upset

shipping method:

1. In this area, do not place running water ornaments, fish tanks, etc. to avoid losing money

2. Red items such as Spring Festival couplets or small carpets can be placed to reduce right and wrong and waste money

3. It is suggested to place the picture of longbazi pepper in the northeast

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