What color does the kitchen learn from Feng Shui

We all know that different colors give people different feelings. That’s why people choose decoration colors according to their preferences. However, different colors will also cause different Feng Shui auras. If we choose some inappropriate colors, our luck will be affected, etc. so many people want to know how to choose the color of the kitchen, Feng Shui will be good, So what color does the kitchen learn from Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

in the layout of kitchens, common residential kitchens are dominated by light colors, that is, Feng Shui such as light gray, white and red. In the layout of home, light gray can give people a sense of elegance and lightness, which can not only reduce the narrow space of the kitchen, but also bring people a stable psychology. However, the color of gray should not be too dark, It’s best to keep the feeling of being bright in the dark, which will also be very conducive to the magnetic field of the kitchen

generally speaking, if there are light and bright colors in the kitchen, it will appear that the kitchen is narrow and spacious. Moreover, the light color can also be conducive to the magnetic field of people’s kitchen, make the kitchen warm, cordial, harmonious and warm color, make the air atmosphere of the kitchen more lively and warm, and enhance the appetite. Generally, when choosing the color of the kitchen, you can decide according to people’s five elements and find out the color that your own destiny likes to use

of course, the layout of black, bright red and purple should be minimized in the home. Such pigment can easily lead to the instability of the magnetic field in the kitchen, and it is easy to attract evil spirits. The Feng Shui hand in the kitchen has an adverse impact. You can put a ” Seven Star Ping’an Town ” ; As a professional solution to the evil spirit

the five elements of black, blue and gray belong to water, while the five elements of kitchen belong to fire. It is well known that water conquers fire. The choice of blue and black cabinets is so fierce. The five elements of white, metallic and silver gray belong to gold. The five elements of the kitchen belong to fire. Fire conquers gold. It conquers cabinets, not a kitchen symbolizing wealth. Therefore, it belongs to the theory of medium, not fierce or auspicious

the color of the kitchen should avoid dark, blue, black and blue as the color of water vapor. If the fire of the stove is seriously destroyed, it is easy to lead to poor house transportation. Generally, light and bright colors, such as white and green, should be used. The ground of the kitchen should use deep and heavy colors

for example ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The favorite color is yellow, so you can choose to use more yellow pigment in the layout of your home, which will be very conducive to people’s luck. Of course, some forbidden colors, such as black and red, are not suitable. Black kitchen will not only bring people a sense of pressure, but also easily lead to unnecessary disasters. Too much red is also detrimental to the spirit, although it is very festive, But it will be harmful to the magnetic field of the kitchen

black and red are the most taboo colors in the kitchen. What color can match the kitchen atmosphere? Generally bright white or light gray can be conducive to people’s luck. Secondly, you can also choose green, which is fresh and elegant. It is very environmentally friendly and conducive to health in the kitchen

red is relatively bright. Putting it in the kitchen can really increase the mood. It is a cabinet color that many people will choose, but it will hinder the fortunes of their families. Because the kitchen is originally quite angry, with red cabinets, the two will hedge, which is not conducive to the stability of the magnetic field, which will affect the whole kitchen and easily lead to poor luck

color is very important, and the color of the kitchen is also closely related to the feng shui of the kitchen. Therefore, when choosing the color of the kitchen, we must pay attention to the matters of Feng Shui. After all, in this way, we can have good feng shui and good luck

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