Who is suitable for raising banyan bonsai at home

Although any kind of plant will have certain Feng Shui energy, it is not necessarily benign Feng Shui energy, and even benign Feng Shui energy is not necessarily the most suitable for its owner. For example, when planting banyan bonsai, it depends on people. Some people are suitable for planting this plant, while others are not

who is suitable for raising banyan bonsai at home

of course, if the Feng Shui energy existing in the plant itself is positive energy, even if it is planted by people who are not suitable for planting, it will not have a great impact on air transportation, but it can not bring practical help to themselves. Therefore, when planting banyan bonsai, we should consider who is more suitable for planting this plant

1. People with poor health: as a tree, the five elements of banyan must belong to wood, and the owner of the five elements is life and health. Therefore, if the body is not very good, planting banyan bonsai at home can have the effect of health and disease elimination, while if the elderly plant banyan bonsai at home, it is conducive to longevity

2. People in power: as banyan is the king of the trees, it has a certain air of power, which will help the power fortune of those in power. Of course, even if you are not in power, this kind of powerful fortune will become the fortune of your career and bring some help to your career. It won’t help as much as the person in power

3. People with bad luck: because banyan bonsai itself has a certain auspicious atmosphere, it has the effect of expelling evil spirits and blocking evil spirits. Therefore, if you feel that your recent bad luck has always happened, you can try to plant a banyan bonsai at home, which may bring you good luck

in fact, this is to select the right people according to the Feng Shui and Qi of banyan bonsai. These people meet and need the Qi of banyan bonsai, so they will be very suitable for planting

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