Feng Shui taboo of living room decorative painting

The living room is the protagonist in the geomantic omen of the Yangzhai, and the geomantic omen of the decorative painting of the guest hall should also be noted that different decorative paintings and different moods, good decorative paintings can not only beautify the home, but also play the role of geomantic omen of attracting wealth and blessing, ward off evil spirits and expel ghosts

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Feng Shui of living room decorative painting

choose decorative painting for the living room according to the fate of the house owner

1. In home hanging painting decoration, people with water shortage are best to choose the nine fish picture or the traditional Chinese painting mandarin duck playing in the water

2. People who are short of gold should choose a picture of iceberg and snow best

3. Those who want wood can hang a picture of bamboo to report peace and forest

4. Those who want soil can hang landscape paintings

Feng Shui taboo of living room decorative painting

pictures with too dark color or too much black cannot be bought. These paintings look heavy and make people depressed, pessimistic and lack of motivation. It is not suitable to hang more than two abstract figure paintings, so this kind of painting will make people pursue vanity and impractical

don’t hang paintings with the sunset sinking in the West. Therefore, such paintings have people’s passion for doing things. It’s not suitable to hang pictures such as waterfalls, because the family members of these paintings have repeated luck. Finally, don’t hang too many red images. Because it will make the family vulnerable to injury or grumpy. It’s not appropriate to hang a big head portrait of a deceased relative, because it will make you do things to increase your pressure

pictures of beasts should not be hung in the living room. There are usually no taboos in the living room, such as flowers, plants, mountains and rivers, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes and Phoenix. However, if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to turning the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern. Do not threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward, otherwise it is easy to bring unexpected disasters to your family

the quality of decorative painting is also very important. A work with rough production and mediocre painters will corrupt the family Feng Shui. Due to the large number of repetitions, the adjustment effect of a printed matter and spray painting on the family Feng Shui becomes insignificant. Therefore, a decorative painting, even a mirror frame, is also very learned, and a painting has a great impact on the family Feng Shui

Feng Shui of landscape painting in the living room. Therefore, hanging landscape painting is very auspicious. Landscape painting roots Feng Shui in landscape art. It is the position of the center of art time and space, and its transmission and continuation, so as to form or arouse a kind of flowing beauty. It is also a sense of time, sensitivity and capture. Time passes in or in different spaces. The Qi mentioned in Chinese landscape painting is a kind of internal Qi of the picture, full, fluctuating, rushing, contained in it and shining outside it. This kind of Qi, momentum and charm are collectively called Feng Shui Qi Bureau. Therefore, in the time and space of air flow, the terrain, north, West, East, South, Central Plains and five places are inseparable from momentum and charm. We also call it the local bureau. Water is Qi. Qi, momentum and charm are living life, vitality and vitality. The expression of Qi in time and space and the situation of Qi running in the painting. But still pay attention to some small details:

1. Landscape painting hanging in the living room: it can be a painting with a stream. Watch its water potential flow into the house. Do not outflow, because the inflow of water is money, and the outflow of water is loss of money. If there is a boat on the picture, make the bow of the boat to the house, avoid going outside the house, because those who go outside will lose money, while those who go inside will attract treasure

2. When landscape painting is hung in the living room, it’s best not to use the glass frame that looks very heavy. If such a heavy frame is placed above people’s brain, it will give people a feeling of depression and insecurity. Therefore, light scroll painting should be used

3. Painting should be horizontal rather than vertical. If the sofa and painting form two balanced horizontal lines, they can complement each other

4. Landscape paintings are hung in the living room, and paintings with mountains are hung, which means backing the mountain, suggesting that there are noble people to help, promotion and salary increase

5. Do not hang waterfall decorative paintings. The paintings of waterfalls are easy to cause repeated luck and omen of downward luck, so they are not suitable

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