Li juming interprets the knowledge of kitchen Feng Shui

Most of the time, Feng Shui is what determines our fortune. Our good fortune may be blessed by good feng shui, and our bad fortune may also be due to the adverse effects of bad feng shui. Therefore, we must understand the feng shui of the kitchen. After all, whether the feng shui of the kitchen is good or not has a great impact on us. What does Li juming interpret the knowledge of kitchen Feng Shui in Feng Shui? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. rice grain and refrigerator cannot be empty

rice grain and refrigerator in the kitchen cannot be empty. If they are full (on the premise of ensuring no deterioration), they can play the role of Attracting Wealth and treasure, and the home will be full of vitality and make people feel homesick. All kinds of knives, garlic, onion and pepper in the kitchen should not be hung or placed outside, because these things will absorb Yin Qi and affect the health and luck of the family. A teapot with Yang water gas has a great impact on women’s health, but it should not always contain old water in the teapot, and do not place the teapot next to the microwave oven

II. Kitchen stove Feng Shui

the West in the kitchen is the direction of returning to Yin. Therefore, it is most inappropriate to place the stove in the West. This will lead to the destruction of the original Yin and Yang. Not only is the stove easy to go wrong when in use, but the food will also have western Yin Qi. Therefore, it is unfavorable to life and family health. If you have to put it like this, you can hide a set of five emperor coins in the wall behind the stove. Put a red carpet on the front of the stove

III. kitchen stoves should not be topped by beams

kitchen stoves should not be topped by beams. In Feng Shui, there are ” Beam capping ” ; It is unlucky to say that there is a beam on the top of the bed or chair. It is unlucky, but the kitchen stove is the main prop for the family to cook. The beam on the stove is more detrimental to the family’s fortune, especially to the health of women at home

IV. kitchen furnishings

1. Kitchen utensils cannot be placed in front of or under the window, because it will be like a sign that the family is helpless

2. The stove should not be directed towards the road or the direction of the door, which is easy to make the family quarrel

3. It is better to place the refrigerator and sink on one side of the stove. If there is a fire between two water, there will be disasters in the house

4. The stove should not be close to the sink or the refrigerator. The water vapor generated by the sink and the cold of the refrigerator conflict with the fire and gas of the gas stove. Water and fire are in their respective positions, so they can help each other. Otherwise, when water and fire intersect, it is easy to produce big waves

fifth, the kitchen should not rush directly with the door

the door of some kitchens is directly facing the door, which is very unlucky. It will bump into the door god and make the house unprotected. Couples are very prone to quarrel. It is the so-called peace between home and everything. Constant quarrels at home will not only affect wealth, but also break up the family. It is suggested to reopen the kitchen door. If it cannot be reopened, purchase a beautiful screen to avoid the collision between the kitchen door and the door

VI. the kitchen should not be attached to the bedroom

sometimes the home decoration may not pay special attention to the location of the kitchen, and sometimes it is only separated from the bedroom by a wall. In fact, such arrangement is greatly detrimental to the health of the sleeper. The stove is hot. If you live in the bedroom next to the kitchen for a long time, you will be restless and have no state of study and work. After a long time, bad luck will happen

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