Should the door of the shop open inward or outward

When setting the store gate, many people may not consider such a question: should the store gate open inward or outward

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the pattern of the door opening inward is more appropriate. If the gate is set to open outwards, in terms of pattern, it is to send the anger in the store out, thus forming ” Leakage of wealth ” ; This is unlucky for businesses

from another point of view, opening the door outward is also easy to form obstacles and bring a lot of inconvenience to customers; The inward opening of the door just conforms to the direction of airflow movement, which can bring anger into the store and make business more prosperous

the business gate should be opened inward, which can bring anger into the store and make the business more prosperous; When the door is opened outward, it is easy to leak out the anger, thus forming ” Leakage of wealth ” ; The pattern of

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