What Feng Shui do you need to pay attention to when decorating a house

If you want to ensure the stability of Feng Shui at home, in addition to paying attention to the pattern and house type of the house itself, you also need to start from the decoration to ensure that a bad feng shui pattern will not be formed due to the decoration, which will affect the wealth and happiness of the family. In the introduction of Feng Shui, I think that the decoration of living room, kitchen and bedroom is particularly important

living room decoration:

as a place for the gathering of house gas transportation, whether the decoration in the living room is good or not will directly determine the feng shui of the whole house, so we must pay more attention to it before the decoration of the living room. The first point is to ensure that there is sufficient light in the living room. If there are windows behind or on both sides of the living room, it is the best, which means that natural light can shine into the living room. If the whole living room is relatively closed, it is necessary to add lamps with high light intensity during decoration to ensure sufficient light

kitchen decoration:

the kitchen is where the stove is located, and whether the stove is strong or not has a great impact on the wealth of the family. If the kitchen stove is not strong enough or there is a bad feng shui pattern, then personal wealth will show a downward trend. Generally speaking, the most important thing to pay attention to in the decoration of the kitchen is the placement of the stove. The stove can not be placed in the fierce position of the kitchen, nor can it be in a straight line opposite to the pool and faucet. Otherwise, it will form a pattern of water and fire

bedroom decoration:

unlike the living room, the bedroom does not need too strong light. In other words, when decorating the bedroom, although we should pay attention to ventilation, we must hang thick curtains for the windows, so as to ensure that they will not be unable to sleep normally due to too strong light

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