The choice of toilet door also needs to follow feng shui knowledge

The geomantic effect of the toilet at home is very strong, so we must pay attention to the geomantic problem of the toilet door, otherwise it will easily have a certain impact on the geomantic omen of the whole family, resulting in the decline of the family’s luck

here we want to talk to you about the choice of toilet door, that is, what kind of door is installed in the toilet at home, which is conducive to Feng Shui

the selection of toilet door also needs to follow the feng shui knowledge

color selection of toilet door: as for the color of toilet door, I suggest you choose some relatively elegant colors. Because the toilet itself has a strong air of filth, if the color used is too gorgeous, it will make the air of filth more active. In addition, because the five elements of the toilet belong to water, the color of the toilet door must not use the color of fire attributes such as red, orange and orange

size selection of toilet door: the toilet door must not be too large. Even if the internal space of the toilet is large, the toilet door should be as small as possible. Because the filthy air in the toilet is very heavy, if the toilet door is too large, it will accelerate the outflow of filthy air in the toilet, which poses a great threat to the indoor Feng Shui gas field, so the toilet door should be as small as possible

orientation selection of toilet door: many families may not be able to decide the orientation of toilet door, and even many houses are installed in advance, which is difficult to change. But here we should remind you that the toilet door is best not to face the bedroom, kitchen, living room or study, and try to face the wall, which will help the family’s Feng Shui

these are the questions about the choice of toilet door. Paying attention to these contents can make the Feng Shui and qi movement of the family more smooth, and it will also be helpful to the fortune of the family in all aspects

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