How to worship Kitchen God

Many families worship the kitchen god in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen god is the fairy in charge of the kitchen. He is the patron saint of each family and can prevent the invasion of ghosts and demons

if you want to worship the kitchen god well, you must first set up a good shelter for the kitchen god ” mdash” mdash; Generally speaking, the best place to worship God is the stove. If there is no place for worship above the stove, the kitchen god can be worshipped in the south of the kitchen. This is because the kitchen god’s five elements belong to fire, which is suitable for the southern worship of fire

the kitchen god will visit the kitchen where he often cooks, otherwise the cold stove will not give the kitchen god a warm place

according to legend, the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month is the time when the kitchen god returns to heaven to report the good and evil of each family to the emperor of heaven, so the traditional family will offer sacrifices to the kitchen on the 23rd or 24th day. The objects of worship include wine and sugar. Wine is to hope that the kitchen god will not report his fault to the emperor of heaven after getting drunk, and sugar is to hope that the kitchen god can say more good words. In some places, glutinous rice dumplings are also used to worship the kitchen god. It is hoped that the glutinous rice will stick to the kitchen god’s teeth, so that he can’t speak ill of the emperor of heaven

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