What color is the kitchen painted with Feng Shui

Whether from the perspective of Feng Shui, environmental sanitation or psychological influence, the color of the kitchen should be white. From the perspective of environmental hygiene, white can indicate good hygiene, and a spotless kitchen can reassure people about food

from the perspective of psychological influence, the color tone of the kitchen is closely related to people’s appetite. Color can mobilize people’s emotions in subconscious mind. When eating, no matter which emotion is mobilized, it will inhibit appetite and interfere with eating. White is the simplest of all colors, which helps to calm the mood. Whether it’s serving dishes or serving rice, when people enter the kitchen, the white walls around the kitchen can gradually calm all kinds of excitement before dinner, so that people’s attention can be shifted to the food, so as to arouse appetite. When decorating the kitchen, choosing appropriate colors can effectively improve vision and psychology

of course, in addition to white, the color of the kitchen can also choose other light colors. If the kitchen space is small, you should choose the color with high brightness and light tone, which can produce a comfortable and spacious feeling. On the contrary, for the high and wide kitchen, choosing a darker color for treatment can remove the sense of emptiness in the kitchen

the kitchen faces north. You can choose warmer colors, which can improve the indoor temperature sense, make the space look warm and lively, and enhance your appetite. In order to avoid the heat caused by direct sunlight in summer, the kitchen facing Southeast can be decorated with cold color as much as possible, which not only looks spacious and comfortable, but also achieves the effect of cooling and cooling. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color of the kitchen is white, which is a symbol of self-restraint and blessing

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