How to decorate the baby room

The orientation of the baby room is better in the East, which can not only maintain good light and ventilation, but also better reflect day and night. The room is sunny. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the formation of vitamin D and prevent infants from suffering from infantile rickets, but pay attention to avoid direct sunlight on the infant’s face. If you are indoors, don’t bask in the sun across the glass. In addition, the bedding of the baby and mother should be often turned in the sun, which can be sterilized to prevent inflammation of the baby’s skin and respiratory tract

in Feng Shui, the baby’s room location and the placement of the crib also have a lot of attention. The baby’s room should be far away from noise, and the baby’s bed should be independent. It is best to place it in the center of the room to facilitate adults to care around. In addition, when the baby is sleeping in bed, it is best to put the baby in the position of head north and foot south

the child’s pillow is related to the child’s sleep. The orientation of the pillow towards the wood can improve the child’s growth and fortune, which is beneficial to the child’s language learning. If the pillow faces east, it can help the child form a positive character. The pillow material should be natural, and the color is milky white

what is a good feng shui study? Generally speaking, a good feng shui study needs to have the following conditions:

1. Sufficient daylighting

the primary condition that a study and desk must have is sufficient daylighting. Therefore, the room had better have windows and natural light, which is good in Feng Shui layout. Yellow light is the best light source at night. A fluorescent lamp should be used directly above the desk, but note that the fluorescent lamp can not be used as the main lamp of the study, nor can it span directly above the desk. Because such a layout will make it easy for students to ignore their studies because of too many chores. If they are office workers, they will also be hindered by right and wrong and villains, which will affect the efficiency of working at home

2. Ventilation

only fresh air can make people clear. For example, many closed offices have air conditioning on all day, which is actually for ventilation. The window of the study also needs to pay attention to the external environment. When the desk is placed against the window, if the sharp corner of the adjacent house shoots into the study within 10 meters of the window, it is a blunt braking pattern, and the closer it is, the greater the impact is. Therefore, it is best to add curtains to block it. If the distance is more than 30 meters, it doesn’t matter

3. Stay away from noise

if the window of the study happens to be a place with heavy traffic and often stagnant air, you should pay more attention. Because there is a lot of noise, it is a sound evil. If the air is bad, it will make people often dizzy. At this time, it is best to use the air conditioning system for ventilation, and do not open the window at will

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