What is the best orientation for the air conditioner in the study

Generally speaking, the air conditioner in the study should be located in the north, which is very beneficial to health, study and career development

first of all, the five elements of the air conditioner belong to gold, and the five elements in the north belong to water. Gold can produce water. The two can complement each other and provide the most coordinated atmosphere for the whole room, which is most beneficial to human health. And this is particularly conducive to the operation of the air conditioner itself, which will reduce the probability of air conditioner failure

secondly, air conditioning is placed in the north, which can best drive the Wenchang transportation of the study. Because the five elements of Wenchang star belong to wood, and water can produce wood. During the operation of air conditioning, the air field belonging to water in the north can play a good role in increasing Wenchang transportation. However, in the specific design of the air conditioner, we should first consider the direction of the desk, and then design the most suitable angle of the air conditioner. Don’t let the cold air of the air conditioner blow against the desk, which is not conducive to the feng shui of the study

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