Decoration color Feng Shui taboo

When decorating your house, what color do you like to decorate your house with? You know that Feng Shui about decoration color also has a lot of knowledge. Let’s take a look at the following articles

house decoration color Feng Shui

many people have a natural interest in color, so they want to match the color by themselves. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge, the color finally matched makes the personality of family members change imperceptibly, becoming irritable or withdrawn

all dark blue in the home will make the family members quiet imperceptibly. Over time, it will form a feeling of lethargy in the home and make the personality gloomy and negative

if the family is all red, it will make the family members hot tempered and prone to quarrel, especially the newly married bedroom. The newly married couple often decorate the bedroom red, but over time, it is easy for the two people to quarrel about inexplicable things, the mood is easy to be excited, and they can’t communicate calmly. For a long time, it will also cause visual fatigue and affect sleep

the best color at home is light colors such as milky white and ivory. It is easy to match with other furniture, which is not easy to cause visual fatigue and can ease people’s mood

the whole house is yellow or orange, which can really attract people’s attention in a short time, but it is easy to cause mental tension and hallucinations in a long time

Feng Shui emphasizes reasonable collocation, balance and coordination. Everything can’t be too strong or too weak. It’s good to be moderate. Therefore, when decorating a house, you should choose the decoration color carefully. It’s best to invite relevant experienced people to make a reasonable collocation

color of kitchen decoration Feng Shui

1. Red and black are forbidden in the kitchen

because the kitchen stove belongs to fire, and red also belongs to fire. If the kitchen is dominated by red, it is easy to lead to excessive stove fire and the phenomenon of fire burning and soil drying. This phenomenon is easy to cause family disputes. Moreover, if it is in hot summer, the kitchen dominated by red will also make people feel angry and give off heat involuntarily. In color Feng Shui, black belongs to water, and water collides with the fire of the stove, which will affect the health of the living family. The kitchen should generally take light color as the main tone, and generally have beige, ivory and other trendy decorative colors

2. Local color of kitchen

bright colors can be used for the ceiling, upper and lower walls and the upper part of the wall panel, while dark colors can be used for the lower part of the wall panel and the ground, making people feel that the indoor center of gravity is stable

3. Relationship between kitchen orientation and color

the kitchen facing north can adopt warm color to improve the sense of room temperature; The room facing Southeast has enough sunshine, so cool color should be adopted to achieve the effect of cooling. Fully lit kitchens can be decorated with cool colors to avoid getting hotter in summer when the sun is strong

4. Influence of kitchen color on space

generally speaking, light and bright colors make the narrow kitchen seem spacious; The color with low purity makes the kitchen warm, friendly and harmonious; The warm color makes the atmosphere of the kitchen space lively and enthusiastic, which can enhance the appetite. By adjusting the depth of the space, we can create the visual features of the depth. If the kitchen space is too high, you can use dignified dark treatment to make it look not so high; For rooms that are too small, use bright colors and light tones to create a sense of spaciousness and comfort

living room color Feng Shui taboo

choose the color according to the living room orientation

the main color of the living room is not the main factor of Feng Shui layout. The most important thing is the energy balance reached by the pattern and the Shengke of the five elements. However, choosing the correct color according to the orientation of the living room relative to the whole house can have the effect of Feng Shui plus points

if the living room is located in the southwest or northeast of the residence, the Yellow system shall be applied

if it is located in the southeast or due east, the green system shall be applied

located in the north, blue system is applied

located in the south, the red system is applied

gold, silver or silver in the northwest

influence of different living room colors on residents

living room color Feng Shui white

White: among the colors of living room walls, milky white is the best matching color. Ivory, white, these three colors are most suitable for human visual nerve, because the sunlight is white, and the series represents light and human heart. Eyes also need to be bright to reconcile, and the white series in the living room is best equipped with furniture, and the white series also represents hope

living room color Feng Shui dark blue

dark blue: the living room is all dark blue. Over time, the living room will be dark and gloomy, all of them are negative by nature, and the home is not safe. You can try to adjust it. The wall is blue and the sofa coffee table is white. This can not only relieve the nerves, but also lose a micro Mediterranean style. Of course, we should also consider the orientation of the living room we mentioned above

living room color Feng Shui pink

Pink: those who paint the living room pink are the most ferocious. Pink is easy to make people feel irritable, prone to quarrels, disputes and quarrels frequently; In particular, the newly married couple, in order to regulate the atmosphere in the boudoir, seems very romantic in Mrs. fan’s eyes. However, with the disharmony of colors, after a period of time, they will have inexplicable anger. They are easy to quarrel over trivial matters, and finally embark on the road of divorce. Today’s social divorce rate is so amazing, which also accounts for a lot of this factor. Therefore, designers should pay attention to that it’s best not to use this color, This tone can also cause neuropathy

living room color Feng Shui purple

Purple: the living room is painted with purple. Although it can be said that it is full of purple smell, it is a pity that the red series replaced by purple gives a dazzling color feeling, which is easy to make the people at home feel helpless. It can be matched with green plants and white household accessories, which can make the living room more fashionable and refreshing

the color of the living room is Feng Shui yellow

yellow: those with a lot of paint yellow in the living room are in a depressed and worried mood. They feel a sense of unspeakable surprise and worry. Therefore, people’s brain nerve consciousness is full of multi-layer hallucinations, which is most avoided by some neurotics

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