What material is good for the stairs inside the office

For high-rise offices, stairs are essential in internal passages. For security reasons, most offices will choose to use metal stairs

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although metal stairs are quite good in terms of structural firmness and appearance texture, due to defects in design and processing, such stairs generally contain some factors that are not conducive to the stability of the gas field

for example, the sharp corners of stair treads, the corners of handrails and the sharp decorative patterns of handrails will lead to the decline of the company’s financial fortunes, which is easy to cause quarrels among employees. If you want to use metal stairs, you should try to avoid sharp edges and corners and do smooth treatment, so as to avoid adverse factors

different from metal materials, wood, as a natural material, has a mild temperament and is the best choice for stairs in the office. The use of wooden stairs can not only prevent various adverse factors. At the same time, it can also alleviate the flow speed of gas and promote the accumulation of gas, which is also in line with the layout of Feng Shui

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