How about putting TV in the bedroom

Many families now have a TV set in their bedroom, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, this is not suitable. This is because the TV is fire in the five elements. The larger the TV, the greater the anger. If both husband and wife need fire, they can move the TV into the bedroom, otherwise they need to be careful. Although the five elements do not need fire, they still want to watch TV in the bedroom. They can choose ultra-thin blue TV to reduce their anger

moreover, the TV is usually the largest electrical appliance in the bedroom, so it causes the greatest harm to people in terms of radiation. Especially when the TV is facing the head or foot of the bed, it has a great impact on human health

moreover, when the TV is located at the head or foot of the bed, the TV is like a tombstone, which is very unlucky. In addition, the TV is also a dark mirror. When the TV is not in use, the TV screen is a vague disguised mirror. Usually, the TV screen is facing the bed, and the scene on the bed will be reflected on the closed TV screen. This is not only detrimental to the harmony between husband and wife, but also may lead to a third party or a failed marriage

if the TV must be placed in the bedroom, the TV should not be facing the head or foot of the bed, but should be located on the side of the bed, and the farther the better. When you don’t watch TV, you should not only unplug the power, but also cover the TV

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