Precautions for placing Feng Shui in the kitchen at home

The kitchen is an indispensable area in every household life, and the kitchen is the place where we cook and eat every day. Therefore, how the feng shui of the kitchen will be related to the Feng Shui aura of the home, as well as our luck and health. Therefore, it seems that the feng shui of the kitchen is still a very important Feng Shui, so we must be cautious about the feng shui of the kitchen in our life, There are many Feng Shui items in the kitchen. What are the precautions for placing Feng Shui in the kitchen at home? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. most families put refrigerators in the kitchen. The kitchen is a hot place. Because fire conquers gold, putting the refrigerator in the kitchen balances the fire of the kitchen. However, it should be noted that the refrigerator should not be too close to or directly opposite the stove, because there is too much oil smoke in the stove, which is easy to pollute the refrigerator and directly affect the health of the owner. However, putting the refrigerator in the kitchen can reduce the fire of the kitchen and reduce the possibility of fire. Therefore, the refrigerator in the kitchen should be as far away from the stove as possible

2. One of the taboos of hanging mirrors in the kitchen is that the mirror can’t reflect the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and reflects on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called Tianmen fire, which will cause fire or misfortune to the house

P “gt; in the kitchen, the imbalance between yin and Yang is the most taboo part of the kitchen. After all, once the fire and water are found in the kitchen, it is also the most important part of the balance between yin and Yang All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder. They should be put in the drawer and put away. Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

v. the place where the stove is placed in the kitchen must not face the aisle of the balcony. Such Feng Shui does not gather money, and the owner may suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure

VI. many people like the open kitchen of Zhongdao style, and even install the gas stove on Zhongdao. In this way, there is no gas stove against the wall, and the oil fume will fly everywhere, resulting in poor indoor air

VII. In ancient books ” lt” lt; Three essentials of Yangzhai ” gt” gt; There are clouds in: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money;. It means that the fire mouth of the stove is in a straight line opposite the door, so that there is punishment. In this case, the wealth of the Lord’s family is unlucky, it is suspected of losing money, and it will damage their health. Mainly pay attention to gastroenteropathy. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in a straight line with the stove, it is unlucky. Therefore, you can’t directly see the stove in the kitchen. The stove is the catering source of a family’s three meals. Feng Shui emphasizes ” Eater, Lu Ye ” , In other words, the stove is where a family’s wealth lies. The stove should avoid the wind, because the wind and fire are easy to go out and can not retain wealth, so it is not suitable to face the door or back to the window, otherwise it is easy to lead to financial difficulties

the so-called “one life, two games and three Feng Shui” is precisely because Feng Shui is related to our fortune, so we dare not ignore Feng Shui, so we pay so much attention to Feng Shui, and the precautions in Feng Shui in the kitchen are also a part that we can’t ignore. The above is the relevant articles compiled by you. Have you learned them

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