Pay attention to kitchen hygiene and Feng Shui

The kitchen is the place where we cook our food and take charge of the family’s three meals a day, so the kitchen must pay attention to hygiene. That’s why the kitchen can’t be too close to the bathroom, because the bathroom is a place where dirt is hidden in the home. In addition, the hygiene and Feng Shui of the kitchen are also major factors that we can’t ignore. What are the concerns about the hygiene and Feng Shui of the kitchen? Let’s have a look at the relevant articles. Let’s discuss it together

I. the kitchen cabinet is in the north of the house. The North belongs to water, so it is called water and fire, and the Lord’s family is safe

2. The kitchen is a place where water and fire collide. If the two can be balanced and coexist harmoniously, it will be conducive to the prosperity of the home. The kitchen is a Yin area, which is a place for storing food, not an area often used by the whole family. However, if a corner of the kitchen is used as a temporary dining area, it can increase the Yang of the kitchen and balance the Yin and Yang of the kitchen

Third, the stove cannot be opposite to the toilet. Mr. Li found that many people always like to enter the toilet through the kitchen when building houses, which can easily lead to the stove and toilet in a straight line. In the folk belief in the kitchen god, that is, a kind of respect for the stove. After all, it is a place to cook food, which is very important

IV. avoid ” Western sun ” ; The stove should not be placed in the West. According to traditional Feng Shui, Western ” Gold ” ; Gas receiving furnace ” Fire ” ; Jack, bad luck. Sunset in the west, dusk, cooking dinner, the stove absorbed these ” Twilight ” ; Bad luck. The food cooked by the stove is easy to change under the oblique sunlight, and people are easy to get sick after eating

v. the kitchen door should not be opposite to the bedroom door. If so, there is only one corridor between them, which makes the dirty gas of the kitchen easier to rush into the bedroom and have a bad impact on the human body. It is also inappropriate for the kitchen to be located in the center of the home, because the center of the house is the most forbidden to be polluted. The East and Southeast belong to wood in the five elements, which can coexist peacefully with water and fire. It is especially suitable as a kitchen and dining place

VI. the five elements of the kitchen stove belong to fire, so its orientation must not be directly facing the kitchen door or bedroom door. As we all know, fire means dryness. If the kitchen stove is facing the kitchen door, feng shui will easily cause the family to be grumpy, resulting in family discord. If the kitchen stove is facing the bedroom door. The anger in the kitchen will enter the bedroom, and the excessive anger will form a bad spirit, which has a certain adverse impact on people’s health, and it may also easily lead to marital discord, unhappiness in family and marriage and so on

VII. Do not have a water tank next to the stove. The main water and fire are not allowed, and it is impossible to place a water tank under the stove. There is a stove above. Such a pattern is detrimental to the relationship between husband and wife. If the main husband and wife are out of harmony, the stove and the pool must be separated by more than 30 cm, and cannot be close to each other

VIII. In addition, it should be noted that it is not allowed to hang cross bars on the stove platform to hang clothes, otherwise it is easy to cause fire. Stoves or gas stoves cannot be set above sewers; The faucet sink should not be close to the gas stove, and the buffer belt such as the vegetable cutting table should be separated in the middle, otherwise it will cause great waste; No hearth can be set directly below the beam, otherwise it is unfavorable to women and prone to diseases. The drainage system shall be discharged from the front of the house to the rear, and the toilet sewage shall not flow under the kitchen. Some houses are small, so it is really inappropriate to put the washing machine in the kitchen. In short, the kitchen is the place where the house produces waste gas and burns gas. It must be well ventilated

IX. in terms of orientation, the kitchen is most suitable in the east or Southeast. These two directions belong to wood, and wood is compatible with fire and water. The kitchen belongs to fire. Remember not to put it in the South (belonging to fire), let alone in the middle of the house (of course, ordinary houses will not have such a design)

in fact, everyone must know how important Feng Shui in the kitchen is. I don’t need to say more here. It is precisely because Feng Shui in the kitchen is important that we should not ignore the importance of Feng Shui in the kitchen. The above is the relevant articles about Feng Shui in the kitchen. Have you got a better understanding after reading

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