What happens if the kitchen Feng Shui is not good

The kitchen is a place for daily cooking and eating. The of the natural kitchen is closely related to the health of the family, so we must pay attention to the Feng Shui in the kitchen. For our health, people have been trying to create a good feng shui in the kitchen and want to get the protection of good Feng Shui, but compared with others, many people will be curious. What will happen if the Feng Shui in the kitchen is not good? For this reason, Fstips has sorted out relevant articles. Let’s have a look together

I. if there is a window behind the stove or pool, there is no gas accumulation and it is easy to leak money

in general, the stove and pool of the open kitchen will not lean against the wall. In addition, for the sake of light, it is close to the window. The obvious impact of this layout on Feng Shui is not gathering gas and leaking money

II. The shape of the kitchen should be square

the kitchen should be square in space planning, which is not only practical, but also allows enough space for air flow to travel. If the kitchen has three sharp points and five corners in shape, it will have the opportunity to brew evil spirit, and it is easy to make the family house luck behave repeatedly. In addition, the position of the kitchen in the residence is also very important. It is best to arrange it in the second half of the house. If you can’t do it, don’t set it in the center of the house, otherwise the stove will form ” Fire burns the heart ” ; The elephant is very harmful to health. If the kitchen is close to the bedroom, or the same position on the lower floor of the bedroom is just the kitchen stove, it will also pose a threat to health. If this happens at home, the bed must be moved slightly to avoid being attacked by fire for a long time

III. there is a beam on the stove and dining table

if there is a beam on the kitchen stove and dining table, it will be unfavorable in terms of wealth and health. The difference is that there is a beam above the dining table, which may affect the whole family; If there is a beam on the stove, it will have a great impact on the hostess of the home. To resolve this situation, it is best to remove the stove or dining table. If it cannot be moved, place a dragon turtle or a pair of copper unicorns in the kitchen to resolve the evil spirit

IV. the stove should be sheltered

the stove symbolizes the Treasury at home, so a Feng Shui key to kitchen design is not to expose the stove. If there is an open kitchen at home, it should be sheltered by a relatively high island counter or bar. Today, some people live in large areas, and the kitchen will even extend to the garden open space, half of which are exposed. If this is the case, you must also pay attention to the setting of the stove, which should not be exposed at the same time, otherwise it is equivalent to displaying gold, silver, wealth and silk at will, resulting in the appearance of money coming and going. In addition, in order to reduce the attack of evil spirits, the kitchen stove should also avoid facing any sharp corner. If there is another kitchen island as an independent cooking table, you should also pay attention to the placement position, which should be parallel to the stove

v. the stove is too close to the sink

if the stove is too close to the water tank, although it will not have a great impact as relative, it may also lead to many contradictions in the family and emotional discord between husband and wife, This may crack the marriage. If both sides of the stove are objects belonging to water, or both sides of the faucet are objects belonging to stove and fire, it is easy to have extramarital affairs when the stove is placed, which is very unfavorable to marital emotion

VI. do not set the kitchen in the North

after moving into the newly built house, if the hostess suddenly falls ill, or gets angry because of sesame small things, has a tendency of hysteria, or falls into a mental abnormal state, this is not caused by physical or mental fatigue, it may be because the kitchen is set in the north, or the northeast and southwest of the ghost gate (from the center of the new house)

VII. The stove should not be under the beam

the stove should not be under the beam: it should not be under pressure where it is often accessed and operated, especially as a platform for food production

VIII. The stove in the kitchen should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink

the stove in the kitchen should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place of storage and wealth gathering. Its nature belongs to water, and it is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to make the family ill

in fact, Feng Shui is related to our fortune. If Feng Shui is good, it will certainly make us have good fortune. If Feng Shui is bad, it will inevitably affect our fortune. Therefore, bad feng shui in the kitchen will certainly affect our health, fortune and wealth. And the above are the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Do you know

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