How about Feng Shui in open kitchen

We can also design the open kitchen cleverly, which can also save space. Many young people like the open kitchen. From the aspect of Feng Shui, we can learn that we can resolve the Feng Shui taboos of the decoration of the open kitchen, but many people don’t know much about it, you know

what should Feng Shui pay attention to in open kitchen

I. doorway widening

open kitchen can broaden the doorway as much as possible to make the kitchen have as much contact with other areas in the home as possible

II. Regional definition

the kitchen is financial and the hall is official. The kitchen and the hall are relatively independent ” Wealth begets officials and officials protect wealth ” ; The image of the home must not be undefined and let all areas in the home mix together

III. the furnace platform shall be located on the left as far as possible

according to Feng Shui, it is ” There is a wall behind ” ; In principle, the stove can not be relied on. Some families like to install the stove separately in the middle of the house. Such convenient behavior is not feasible. It should be installed on the left wall as far as possible

What’s wrong with Feng Shui in open kitchen

1. Open kitchen does not gather gas

the saying that the room is too large and too small does not gather gas also applies to the kitchen. Non gathering gas means that it is difficult to accumulate wealth and popularity is not very prosperous

2. The flame is unstable and harmful to health

the open kitchen is much more affected by the airflow in other functional areas than the independent kitchen. Under this influence, the flame on the stove will inevitably be unstable. This implies that feng shui will have an adverse impact on the health of residents

3. It is easy to leak money

if it is a window behind the stove or pool, it will not gather gas and leak money. The stove or pool of many open kitchens are not close to the wall, and others are close to the window for the consideration of light. The obvious impact of this layout on Feng Shui is not gathering gas and leaking money

Feng Shui dissolves in open kitchen

1. Ensure that the kitchen is closed as tightly as possible

the situation about whether the kitchen gathers gas has been debated all the time. One of the biggest problems of open kitchen is how to ensure that the kitchen can gather gas. If you don’t gather gas, it means that the wealth in the kitchen is difficult to accumulate together, and the popularity will not be very prosperous. The kitchen door doesn’t want to be connected directly to the outdoors. Feng Shui in the decoration of open kitchen focuses on putting it in the four evil positions of the original fortune telling. It’s just that the good and bad luck of the stove is originally identified by direction. On the basis of ensuring that it is tightly closed, it is best to sit in the kitchen

2. The left side of the stove is against the wall

all around the stove cannot be against the wall. However, the open kitchen is basically supported by the wall on both sides. It is best to ensure that the left side of the stove is supported by the wall on both sides. The wall on the left just reveals that there is dependence in the kitchen. Try not to have windows behind the stove. If there is a window behind the stove, it shows that it is easier to lose money. If the light is not bright enough, you can use the light directly. The open kitchen cannot be equipped with a stove and a pool, all of which are not set against the wall

in fact, many families are decorated in small houses. Therefore, in order to save space and design style, we will choose open kitchen. When we design, we not only need to see the style of opera, but also need to pay more attention to Feng Shui. Moreover, most kitchens are not easy to gather money, so we need to pay attention to the above points

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