What are the taboos of hanging paintings in the porch

Many people like to hang paintings on the porch to decorate the space, but in fact, everything in life needs to pay attention to Feng Shui, and the porch hanging paintings are no exception; So what are the Feng Shui taboos in Feng Shui? Here is the

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Feng Shui taboos in porch paintings

What are the Feng Shui taboos in porch paintings

Feng Shui in porch paintings ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 1

the calligraphy and paintings hanging on the porch should be hung horizontally, not vertically. If the upper edge of the gate can form two balanced horizontal lines with calligraphy and painting, then we can get complementary effects

in addition, if you want to place shoe cabinets in the porch, you should choose the principle of low and flat. Similarly, the shoe cabinet should form two balanced horizontal lines with the hanging picture of the porch

Feng Shui painting in the porch ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 2

the porch is the first internal space to see after entering the gate. If you want to highlight the owner’s culture and taste, the most direct and effective way is to hang a calligraphy in the porch

the style and content of calligraphy can directly reflect the master’s knowledge, opinions and life taste. Therefore, the hanging calligraphy must be carefully selected. Not all calligraphy content can be hung in the porch. Correct calligraphy can play a role of alertness to people, so that the master can cultivate sentiment and cultivate self-cultivation

Feng Shui painting in the porch ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 3

if the color is too dark or has large black paintings, it is not suitable to hang on the porch. This is because such paintings look heavy, easy to make people laugh and pessimistic, and lack motivation to do things

Feng Shui painting in the porch ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 4

if there are fierce beasts in the paintings, for example, tigers, lions, wolves, black bears and other animals, such paintings cannot be hung in the porch. Because it will affect the health of the family

Feng Shui painting in the porch ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 5

the porch plays an important role in the house, just like the important port of the country. It must receive as much water as possible in order to flourish. The pattern of the porch must have outstretched bends on both sides, like the ” of English letters; U”; Word. The outstretched bending position is like the two arms of the same person, which are held by the left and right, and the place in the central depression is the Qi receiving position in Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather Qi, so as to achieve the effect of vigorous luck in both people and money

in this way, it is not suitable to hang paintings such as waterfalls at this position of the porch, because it will make the master’s luck appear repeatedly

Feng Shui painting in the porch ” mdash” mdash; Taboo 6

large mirrors are not suitable for hanging paintings at the entrance. In Feng Shui, the mirror has the effect of reflecting images. The Qi energy at the door will be changed due to the reflection of the mirror. Feng Shui at the entrance is taboo, and the scene outside the door will be included in the mirror, which does not meet the requirements of transforming evil spirits and accepting Qi at the entrance. Therefore, if you hang a picture with a mirror in the porch, it will have a negative impact on your family

Feng Shui taboos and stress on porch hanging paintings

I. size requirements of porch Feng Shui paintings

in addition to being lively, warm and prosperous, the hanging decoration of porch also needs to pay attention to the size of porch paintings. The size of porch painting should not be too large. Generally, four feet (138 ” times; 68cm), three feet (100 ” times; 52cm) and four feet square (68 ” times; 68cm) are more appropriate

From the perspective of Feng Shui, landscape painting is a good feng shui calligraphy and painting to regulate Feng Shui. The mountains in landscape painting represent people, water represents wealth, and the landscape painting with mountains and water represents the prosperity of people and money! However, when hanging landscape paintings in the living room, we should pay attention to the direction of water flow. If the front is in the shape of a cornucopia, it means to attract wealth and bring in treasure. The rolling source of wealth flows into it continuously and saves all the wealth! If it’s not a landscape painting in the shape of a cornucopia, you should pay attention to the direction of water flow in the painting, not towards the door, outside the house. It’s best to face the inside or the master bedroom

in some landscape paintings, there is also a sunrise. The red light of the distant mountains found by the rising sun symbolizes the rising sun, good luck and booming business and life! But the rising sun and other landscape paintings had better not be hung on the west wall, which is suspected of sunset! The calligraphy and paintings with flat and round mountains can also be hung behind the desk as ” Backer, It can increase your luck

2. Golden gourd oil painting

Feng Shui painting also plays a role in Attracting Wealth, but the paintings related to wealth must be hung on the position of Ming wealth. The 45 degree angle of the gate is the Mingcai position. The furnishings and lighting of Ming financial position are very important

If an oil painting of a golden gourd is hung on the position of Ming Cai, it can play a role in improving wealth. When hanging the oil painting of golden gourd, tie the painting with red rope. Then, hang it on the ceiling in the southeast of the porch, about two-thirds away from the ground. In this way, the owner’s wealth can add up and be more than enough every year. At the same time, you can also have plenty of luck, wealth and popularity, and have good fortune

3. The fish swimming in the water calligraphy and painting

in Feng Shui, it is believed that ” Water ” ; For money. Secondly, fish and ” Yu ” ; Homonym, symbolizing the auspicious metaphor of surplus every year and surplus every year. Therefore, Pisces playing in the water and nine fish are very suitable for hanging on the Ming wealth position in the porch. Take ” Recruit wealth ” ; Metaphor

4. Eagle’s wing spreading picture

if the eagle’s wing spreading picture is hung in the porch, it means a bright future, great ambition and high ambition. However, we should pay attention to the direction of the eagle when hanging the eagle wing chart. Eagle’s ” Mouth ” ; You can’t go straight to the top of a person’s head

as the saying goes, happiness is more important than family. Since ancient times, peonies have had ” National color and natural fragrance” King of flowers ” ; Good reputation. Moreover, peony is regarded as a symbol of human peace, happiness, prosperity and prosperity. When the picture of flowers blooming and wealth is hung in the porch, you can choose to hang in the north and south of the porch. This is because peony belongs to wood in the five elements, while the north is ” Water ” ; Land, plants can grow luxuriant and prosperous when they get water. The south is ” Fire ” ; Land, wood and fire are the representatives of prosperity

What are the Feng Shui taboos about hanging paintings in the porch?

Feng Shui taboos for decorative paintings in the porch 1. Don’t put them vertically

the calligraphy and paintings on the porch cannot be placed in parallel with the upper edge of the gate, which is not conducive to the formation of strong Feng Shui. If the decorative paintings are placed horizontally, they can complement the upper edge. If there is a shoe cabinet here, the principle of low and flat should be followed, and the hanging picture should not be staggered or connected with the shoe cabinet

Feng Shui taboo in porch decorative painting II. The content of calligraphy and hanging painting is correct

people can touch the porch as soon as they enter the house, and the side of the porch used as shelter is also something you can see at first sight. If you want to make the porch more cultural connotation, you can choose calligraphy and painting to decorate it. However, the content of calligraphy will also affect Feng Shui and people’s psychology. Therefore, the content of calligraphy decorative painting should be positive, which can alert people and make Feng Shui more stable

Feng Shui taboo of porch decorative painting III. hanging paintings should not be too dark

hanging paintings with too dark colors are easy to bring sad emotions, make people feel heavy and powerless, and deepen the psychological burden. In addition, dark color is also an unlucky color in the geomantic omen of the porch. Especially in the place where the geomantic omen inside and outside the porch is interconnected, it is easy to pollute the original clean air, resulting in the decline of the geomantic omen of the house

porch decorative painting Feng Shui taboo IV. ferocious beasts as the protagonist

in some Chinese style hanging paintings, tigers, lions, wolves, black bears and other wild animals are often the protagonists. Often these wild animal hanging paintings have a lot of evil spirit. If they are placed in the porch for a long time, it is easy to oppress the five elements of the owner, resulting in family members often sick and troublesome things

porch decoration painting Feng Shui taboo v. waterfall water painting

porch is generally at the entrance and exit of the home, which plays the role of protecting indoor privacy. Therefore, it is often in a U-shaped and semi closed state, so that the house can play the role of hiding wind and gathering Qi, so that the fresh air outside can only enter and leave, and play the Feng Shui Effect of gathering wealth. However, if paintings such as waterfalls and running water are hung at the opposite door of the porch, it is easy to lose money. Because water represents wealth in Feng Shui and is mobile, it is impossible to gather wealth in Feng Shui by placing the hanging picture symbolizing wealth directly outside the solid wood door, just like pouring water out

Feng Shui taboos in porch decorative painting VI. mirror content

in addition to these, do not appear anything that can reflect light, such as mirrors, in the content of hanging paintings. Because in geomantic omen and geomantic omen, the mirror has the effect of reflecting images, which will bring the scene outside the door into the home, which may bring bad bad bad Qi. If you want the porch mirror to avoid evil spirits, you should put it outside the door, not in the porch. Therefore, it is better not to have similar themes in the decorative paintings inside the door

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