Pay attention to Feng Shui in the decoration of walkway ceiling

In life, we must pay attention to Feng Shui, because Feng Shui has a great impact on our daily life and personal fortune; So in Feng Shui, what is the stress of corridor ceiling decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

stress on Feng Shui of corridor ceiling decoration

what stress is there in Feng Shui of corridor ceiling decoration

1. Size. The size of corridor depends on the overall size of the room. Generally, the width should not exceed 90cm and the length should not exceed 2 / 3 of the length of the whole room. Home should not be like a hotel, set up a long corridor with each room

2. Bathroom location. The bathroom and toilet in the house should be set at the edge of the corridor, because the bathroom location at the end of the corridor is very dangerous. If the bedroom pattern is that the bathroom is at the end of the corridor, corresponding mascots can be placed at the door of the bathroom to resolve the ferocity. And the corridor is not a ” ” ; Word

3. In daylighting, the light should be bright and dark properly. The light represents Yang Qi. People with insufficient Yang Qi are easy to get sick and provoke mildew, and people with too much yang qi are easy to be irritable. Therefore, the lighting of the corridor must be appropriate. Imagine that if you go home and see a dark corridor, your personal mood will also be greatly affected

4. Lighting. Modern people like to decorate furniture with various lamps. It is best to use bright lamps in the corridor, but colorful lamps should not be used in the lamps in the corridor, so as not to cause adult emotional instability and affect the overall journey

5. The ceiling and the room should be free from the top of the beam, which will cause visual oppression and affect the mood. If there is a beam in the corridor, you can choose to use false ceiling to resolve it

feng shui knowledge of corridor ceiling:

1. Orientation of corridor ceiling Feng Shui: the beam is a place with heavy air in Feng Shui. Attention should be paid not only to the decoration of office area, but also to the beam in public corridor. If the beam is allowed to be exposed in the corridor, it will not only affect the visual beauty, but also create a sense of oppression in the invisible. The evil spirit produced by it will also make people’s work difficult, which is easy to cause some inexplicable work resistance, which will affect the company’s work progress and indirectly affect the company’s financial fortunes. Therefore, when dealing with the problem of beam, it is an effective method to hide it with ceiling

2. Beam in the small corridor: it can be solved by making false ceiling in the corridor. Otherwise, it will be unsightly and oppressive, and there will be resistance to family work. The false ceiling can be divided into many kinds. The edge formwork can be set near the wall, the lamp tube can be set, and the spotlight can be set below; In addition, you can also do low wood decoration

3. Mix the false ceiling and lighting elements, place a light pipe on the top of the false ceiling, and the light will penetrate the soft light source into the ceiling; If you have a cold, focus the light on the ceiling. If you have a cold for a long time, you should pay attention to shooting the light on the ceiling

4. If the home is spacious, you can set the position of the false ceiling according to the five elements of the people in the house, and choose the shape consistent with your own life style. When setting, pay attention to the people with the highest income in the family

through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of the feng shui knowledge of the aisle ceiling. When entering the aisle ceiling, both the orientation and design must be reasonable, so as to bring greater convenience to the family and make the Feng Shui at home better. Why not do this

Feng Shui on corridor ceiling decoration

hall corridor decoration and Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Illumination

pay attention to the illumination, especially when there are few natural light sources, which can improve our journey

in Feng Shui, long, dark aisles are called ” Yin Dragon, It’s bad for luck. On the one hand, it will cause inconvenience to traffic, on the other hand, it will also have an impact on health

moderate light is the guarantee for anger to run in the aisle. Therefore, the light in the corridor must be kept bright, which can promote the flow of gas in the corridor and avoid retention. Causing a dead feeling in the aisle

it can also prevent people living in houses from absorbing too much negative energy and forming mental depression

decoration of hallway and Feng Shui ” mdash” mdash; Ceiling

beam is the place where the evil spirit is compared in Feng Shui. Therefore, when decorating the hallway, we should pay attention to avoid the emergence of beam in the hallway

if the beam appears in the hallway, it will affect the visual beauty on the one hand. On the other hand, it will also have an invisible sense of oppression on people living in houses

The evil spirit produced by

will also make people’s work difficult, which is easy to cause some work resistance, thus affecting the progress of work. Therefore, in the resolution method of the beam. False ceilings or suspended ceilings can be installed to hide beams

hallway location

in Feng Shui, no matter where the entrance is, it can not be directly opposite to the gate. The same is true in the hallway. If the entrance of the hallway is facing the gate, there will be evil spirit, or the evil spirit from outside the house will enter the house through the gate, which will have an impact on the health or work fortune of the people living in the house

if the entrance of the hallway is facing the door, the people living in the house will become irritable, often accompanied by inexplicable and unexplained femininity. This will not only endanger the feelings between family members, but also affect the work efficiency and interpersonal relationship outside. Therefore, the entrance of the hallway should avoid facing the gate

how to look at the decoration of walkway ceiling Feng Shui

first, the function of the porch

people often don’t pay much attention to the decoration of the porch, and even some houses directly exempt the porch. Practically speaking, the porch has strong functionality. The porch is used as a platform for simply receiving guests, changing clothes, shoes, bags and small items

in the north, it is cold in winter and the cold wind is biting. The porch can be used as the second floor gate to prevent the cold wind from entering the room through the gap of the gate, which has the function of heat preservation. From a perspective, the porch shoulders a great mission. It has the functions of turning evil spirits, preventing leakage and covering up, which is directly related to the good and bad luck of the house

setting up a porch can effectively dissolve the evil spirit. The setting of the porch can promote the turning of the evil Qi entering from the gate, turn the evil Qi flowing from the evil side into the auspicious side, and turn Geng Qi into peace, which is in line with the way of pursuing good fortune and avoiding evil

setting a porch can prevent leakage ” Water ” . Learn ” lsquo” rsquo; Like whirling, avoid direct ” Therefore, the ancients adhered to the architectural concept of gyration and reciprocation when building houses. The setting of the porch forcibly changes the flow route of gas, which can make the prosperous gas and wealth gas entering from the door stay indoors more, so as to make the residence contaminated with prosperous gas and wealth gas as much as possible

if the gate is facing the window or balcony, the prosperity and wealth will flow in from the gate and flow out of the window or balcony in the blink of an eye. This is ” Discharge ” The situation symbolizes that the family can’t save money. In the decoration, the improper construction of the porch will also affect the afternoon. In order to effectively play the role of the porch, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the components of the porch in learning

in modern houses, we often see the layout of the door facing the living room or bedroom. This pattern is not in line with the way, and the family’s every move can be seen at a glance outside the gate, lacking a sense of security. Setting a porch is to set a barrier between the gate and the living room or bedroom to cover up

Second, the layout of the entrance should be avoided and the setting principle

from the perspective, the nature of the air flow inside and outside the gate is different. If it is directly hedged, it will be harmful to the residence. Only by integrating them with each other can it be beneficial. The porch can effectively integrate indoor and outdoor air, so it is not only a space that must be set up, but also a space that needs careful decoration. To some extent, the porch represents the family’s money luck and has a decisive impact on the good and bad luck of house luck

since the porch is so important, the setting of the porch should not be perfunctory and must be treated with caution. In modern houses, people can design the porch into various styles according to their own ideas, but on the whole, the porch setting must follow four principles:

1. Moderate

the porch space should not be too large, otherwise the porch is large and the inner room is small, just like the door is large and the room is small, which is not conducive to the residence. If the porch is too large, other rooms will feel cramped, which is not conducive to the effective use of space. The porch is too small to achieve good results in and use

2. Transparent

the interval of the porch should be mainly transparent, and the effect of frosted glass should be selected. If you must use wood, you should use wood with bright and non fancy colors. Do not use wood with too deep colors, which is easy to feel clumsy and dark

3. Tidy

the porch should be kept clean and tidy. Don’t pile up too many sundries, otherwise it will make the porch look disorderly, and the God of wealth has no place to stay. Naturally, he won’t patronize the house. Outsiders will feel uncomfortable when they see the messy porch, which will affect the image of the homeowner in their mind

4. Bright

the porch should be bright rather than dark. If the light is too dark, one will attract Yin and spirit, and the other will lose luck. Therefore, when decorating and designing the porch, daylighting needs to be considered. If there is outdoor natural light at the porch, the partition should adopt transparent frosted glass to make the light shine through the glass to the porch. If there is no outdoor natural light in the porch, it needs to be remedied by indoor light. However, the brighter the light is, the better. Otherwise, it will be dazzling and affect the nerves as soon as you enter the door, which is not conducive to health

P “gt; people need to outline the four elements of the painting, just as they need to process and paint the part of the painting, so they need to draw the outline of the painting

III. Feng Shui in porch ceiling should avoid

1 The ceiling should be high rather than low

if the ceiling is high, the air circulation in the porch is smooth, which can improve the air transportation of the house The ceiling is too low, which is easy to cause a sense of oppression, indicating that the housekeeper is easy to be suppressed and difficult to stand out

2. The ceiling color shall be mainly light color

and should not be darker than the color of the floor, otherwise it will give the feeling that the head is heavy and the feet are light

3. Mirrors should not be installed on the ceiling

in order to increase the brightness of the porch, some people will install mirrors on the ceiling. In this way, as soon as people look up, they will see their own reflection, giving people a sense of rotation. This is a big taboo, so it is not desirable

4. The chandelier should be round or square

when purchasing chandeliers, choose round or square lamps, because round symbolizes perfection and square symbolizes squareness

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