What can be placed outside the gate of the house to ward off evil spirits

The feng shui of the gate is very important, because the gate is the same as people’s mouth for the house. If we don’t pay attention to the feng shui of the gate of our home, then we should pay attention to our diet. Naturally, it will easily lead to problems in the interior of the house. How can the gate ward off evil spirits

place Bagua mirror

if you want to make Feng Shui at the door of your home can ward off evil spirits, the best way is to use Bagua mirror. As one of the representative items of Taoism, Bagua mirror itself can play a good role in driving away evil spirits, which can not only drive away evil spirits, but also reflect the bad breath, In this way, home fortune will naturally become better

hang a peach wood sword

if you want to help ward off evil spirits at the door, you don’t have to hang Feng Shui items outside the door, because you can also try to hang a general peach wood sword at the entrance, because the entrance is like a person’s teeth to the door. If you hang a peach wood sword on the entrance at this time, Then nature can help the gate of the house ward off evil spirits

placing stone lions

generally, we can see that some people will place a pair of stone lions at home. In fact, this is not only to decorate the home, because such placement can also enhance the aura at their own door. If it improves the aura at their own door, it can naturally ward off evil spirits, This is also a very common display of Feng Shui. In fact, this is also a good effect of fending off evil spirits

placing Feng Shui plants

although Feng Shui plants themselves can not ward off evil spirits, considering that evil Qi is also a kind of breath, it is natural to place Feng Shui plants at the door of your home, because generally speaking, plants can play a purifying breath, and Feng Shui plants can also play a role in purifying evil spirits, So you can also have the effect of dispelling evil spirits, which needs special attention

hanging the five emperors’ money

hanging the five emperors’ money at the gate of your home can not only play a role in Attracting Wealth, but also improve your family’s fortune, purify the breath of your home, and improve Feng Shui. Of course, such Feng Shui can play a good role in warding off evil spirits, Of course, this is also worth trying. There are many ways to ward off evil spirits, but if there are many evil spirits in your family, the methods introduced above are also very good

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