Is the feng shui of Zi Mu men really bad

The gate is the main air intake of the house. Therefore, whether the ordinary gate or the child mother gate is used, there will be some geomantic stress. If you don’t pay attention to these in life, it is likely to destroy the geomantic omen of the house and then affect the geomantic omen luck of the whole family. Is the feng shui of Zi Mu men really bad

What are the Feng Shui taboos about children and mothers

therefore, here we want to briefly introduce the Feng Shui taboos about children and mothers, and hope that you can try to avoid violating these Feng Shui taboos in your life, so as to protect your family and their Feng Shui luck

1. Geomantic omen of the mother door: we all know that the door represents the mouth on the geomantic omen of the Yangzhai, and the mirror reflects on the mirror, which will form two mouth pairs, which will also have a serious quarrel effect

2. The child and mother doors of mother door Feng Shui destroy Feng Shui: some houses often design child and mother doors in order to emphasize the design of door width. The door is opened on both sides, and the one with big left and small right will be harmful to the hostess’s health; And the one with big right and small left is not conducive to the health of the male host

3. There is a mirror on the door: many families like to hang a mirror on the child and mother door in order to reflect the evil spirit, which will have a certain protective effect on the feng shui of the house. But in fact, although the mirror can reflect the evil spirit, it can also reflect other gas fields, which will lead to insufficient gas transportation in the house

therefore, we must be cautious about whether the feng shui of children and mothers is really bad

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