What if the toilet is in the kitchen

Many times, in order to facilitate the setting of sewers, many real estate developers will arrange kitchens and toilets together, but in fact, kitchens and toilets are not suitable to be together from the perspective of life hygiene or Feng Shui. They think that kitchens need to pay attention to hygiene, while toilets are filthy places in homes and places where dirt is hidden in homes, The combination of kitchen and toilet will certainly affect our health. What about Feng Shui toilet in the kitchen? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

toilet’s solution to kitchen Feng Shui

1. Avoid the toilet facing the kitchen

it’s best to separate the kitchen from the toilet. If it is difficult to separate due to the limitation of the pattern, it is also necessary to avoid the kitchen adjacent to the door of the bathroom, so that the gas in the bathroom will be difficult to run into the kitchen. And because the position of the toilet is designed in advance, but the kitchen utensils can be moved, it should be avoided to put the kitchen utensils adjacent to the toilet next door in the design of the kitchen

2. Keep the toilet clean and tidy

do a good job in the sanitation of the toilet and disinfect it regularly. Some green plants can also be placed in the bathroom to purify the air. The windows of the toilet should also be opened frequently. On the one hand, it is to ensure the smooth air. On the other hand, it is to use the external yang to reduce the cloudy air in the toilet

3. Do a good job in floor drain waterproof equipment

toilet as a place to hide dirt is one of the things we should pay attention to. The best equipment should be used for the air and drainage of the toilet, so as to ensure the healthy Feng Shui of the toilet. At the same time, in order to prevent the gas from the downpipe from spreading to the bathroom and transmitting to the big kitchen, a certain amount of water must be always guaranteed in the floor drain

4. Install door curtains between the two doors

if the kitchen and bathroom are opposite, it will inevitably cause bad feng shui, then install door curtains on their respective doors; And when not in use, we should close the door of the bathroom and kitchen tightly, otherwise, the evil spirit of the bathroom will flow into the kitchen and bring problems to our health

5. Place Feng Shui plants to dissolve

placing plants in the bathroom and kitchen can not only dissolve Feng Shui, but also purify the space and improve the air quality adjacent to the bathroom and kitchen. The five elements of the toilet belong to water, which is a relatively humid place, which is easy to breed many bacteria. Therefore, put more shade loving green plants in the bathroom. The kitchen is the place with the heaviest oil fume, so we need to choose plants that have tenacious vitality, small volume and can purify the air

solution to the Feng Shui problem of the toilet in the kitchen

the kitchen and the bathroom cannot share a door

entering the kitchen also needs to pass through the door of the bathroom, which is very inappropriate, because the bathroom, as a place to hide dirt, itself has a lot of evil spirit. If people enter the kitchen after passing through the bathroom, they will bring this evil spirit into the kitchen, which will cause adverse health, Bring problems to the health of family members

when the kitchen and bathroom are next to Feng Shui, the problem of sharing a door between the kitchen and bathroom is even more serious. If this happens, we must find a way to replace the door to prevent adverse health effects on our family. If the two are next to each other, we can use measures such as door curtain to resolve them, or put five emperors’ money under the entrance carpet of the kitchen. These are all ways to improve the feng shui of the kitchen

the doors of the kitchen and bathroom cannot be relative

the relative door to door itself is a bad design method, because the air flow is connected, it is easy to cause draught and affect the feng shui of the home. If the kitchen is opposite to the bathroom door, the evil spirit of the bathroom will flow to the kitchen, which will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen and the mood of the cook. Facing the problem that the kitchen and bathroom are next to Feng Shui, we should set curtains to block the connection of air flow, and close the door at ordinary times. In addition, more efforts should be made on the air purification in the bathroom, so as to bring a fresh environment and healthy Feng Shui to the whole house

the kitchen stove and sink in the kitchen cannot share a wall with the toilet in the bathroom

the first line of water and fire is a big taboo in Feng Shui. If the kitchen stove and sink in the kitchen share a wall with the toilet in the toilet, it is bound to bring health problems and have an adverse impact on the career Feng Shui and wealth Feng Shui of the whole home. Therefore, if this is the case, the pipeline should be changed before decoration

What about Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet?

generally, the kitchen should not be connected with the toilet. In the layout of the home, the toilet itself is a dirty place. If it is opposite to the kitchen, the Feng Shui in the kitchen will be affected, which will destroy the Feng Shui in the kitchen, and the disease will enter from the mouth, resulting in the physical impact of the whole family and its adverse health

the general toilet should not be placed and connected with the kitchen. The kitchen is the place to eat and the kitchen is the place to excrete, which are very unlucky directions. The toilet should be placed in the bad position, so the kitchen at home should also be placed in the bad position. It is best to stay away from the bedroom and living room. It is inevitable that it can be improved by using the porch and screen

the kitchen represents the financial treasury of the home, especially the orientation of the stove in the home. If it is opposite to the toilet, it is inevitable to lose money. Moreover, in the layout of the home, the toilet belongs to the place that consumes money and fortune. If it is not properly placed, it will be difficult for the colorful flag in the home to come in, which will make it difficult to keep the money in the home

the kitchen is a place for cooking and cooking every day, which is related to the physical and mental health of the whole family. Therefore, in the layout of the home, the kitchen should have a good feng shui layout. If restrained by the influence of the toilet, it is suggested to put a ” Seven Star Xuanwu Town ” ; To suppress the ferocity of the toilet and prevent the geomantic omen of the toilet from affecting the magnetic field of a home

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