Home lighting design

Now the lighting in the room is no longer limited to the past ” One room and one l, These chandeliers and ceiling lamps used for floodlighting, as well as wall lamps, table lamps or floor lamps used for local lighting and special lighting, are perfectly matched and applied on a reasonable premise, so as to create a lighting space with Yin-Yang balance and pleasant water, which has become a new Feng Shui concept for modern people

I. living room

both the living room and the porch belong to Yang. Therefore, during decoration, the lights in the living room should be installed high and bright enough to make the lights well distributed in the whole living room. If there are many light sources, you should also pay attention to using the lighting of the same elements as much as possible to maintain the coordination of the overall style

if the living room has a large area, you can use lights to divide the area, and use warm chandeliers on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere; A dimming floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa; Several small spotlights can be installed on the display frame in the living room

II. porch

in the corridor of the porch, you can choose to install small spotlights, chandeliers or ceiling, and then install fluorescent lights and downlights according to the specific style, so as to improve the daylighting

III. kitchen

the kitchen is a fire. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use some cold color white lights, ceiling lights and embedded lamps. They can be installed on the vegetable washing basin or workbench to provide sufficient light for the kitchen. Wall lights or track lights can also be installed in some places that need special lighting

IV. toilet

the toilet belongs to water, so warm yellow light should be used. There are water pipes in the toilet. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ceiling lamp, downlight or embedded lamp after hanging the roof. As for whether to choose cold color light or warm color light, it depends on the specific design style of the interior

v. bedroom

the bedroom is overcast. The light in the bedroom should be soft. The bedside lamp or several small downlights embedded in the ceiling can make the bedroom more warm and comfortable. For children’s rooms, when selecting lamps, we should arouse children’s imagination from unique shapes and lights

VI. balcony

balcony belongs to gold. If the space of the balcony is large enough, a fish pond or pool can be set on the balcony. In addition to installing bright ceiling lamps or outdoor wall lamps, you can also install a blue aquarium lamp in the pool, which can help homeowners increase their wealth

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