Why shouldn’t the gate face the balcony

The balcony plays a good role in helping the transportation of the house, but when selecting or renting a house, we must avoid the door facing the balcony. The balcony is a place with good ventilation and lighting conditions in the house, and it is also a place with strong anger. If the balcony is facing the gate, the anger will flow out directly from the gate, which is very unfavorable to the wind and gas accumulation of the house

in addition, the gate is facing the balcony, which is also a sign of wealth leakage in Feng Shui. After entering from the gate, the wealth flows directly from the balcony before it can flow into each room. Moreover, the gate is facing the balcony, and the evil spirit outside the balcony will directly penetrate into the gate, which is called ” Piercing the heart, It has a great impact on the health of family members

therefore, if the door of the house is directly facing the balcony, it is best to set a certain barrier between the interior of the room and the balcony. For example, set a balcony door at the entrance of the balcony, or put two pots of potted plants. In this way, the adverse Feng Shui situation will be greatly improved immediately. The balcony will not only not reduce the wealth of the family, but also bring vitality to the family and promote the transportation of the house

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