What feng shui knowledge do you need to master to raise turtles

There are many kinds of turtles, such as land turtles, water turtles and semi water turtles. Therefore, to raise turtles, we must first understand the habits of the turtles. Because water turtles generally have the function of Attracting Wealth, while land turtles often have a strong effect of killing, so the best orientation of breeding is also different

water turtles are most suitable to be raised in the north of the house and can get moisture most. Water turtles can be placed in fish tanks and Feng Shui Fish ” mdash; It’s better to set up a separate nest for the tortoise. When the tortoise grows up, it’s not suitable to raise it with the fish. Sometimes the tortoise will swallow the small fish, which is not conducive to family harmony. Half water turtles should be raised in pots. There should not be too much water. They can be raised just after the back of the turtle. It is most suitable to be raised in the West. Gold produces water and benefits the turtle, and the water vapor is not too prosperous

however, semi water turtles should not use plastic pots, because small turtles are easy to climb out, and it is also disadvantageous to use soil to control water on the five elements. The tortoise cannot be raised in the water. The tortoise has a very good effect of dissolving evil spirits. Therefore, it is suitable to be raised at the sharp corner of the blunt evil spirits, but it is not suitable to face the toilet, kitchen and other places with heavy turbidity

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