What shape of toilet is conducive to Feng Shui

The shape of the toilet should be square. The square pattern is not only conducive to the ventilation of the toilet, but also makes the originally narrow space appear more spacious

at the same time, in terms of home feng shui, because the toilet is the place where sewage and foul gas are produced and the fierce position in a house, special attention should be paid to that the shape of the toilet must be square. If it is an irregular polygon or has sharp corners, it will cause evil pressure on Feng Shui or add evil to evil, the main house is restless, there are more disturbances, family members have quarrels, etc

therefore, it is better to choose a square room in the bathroom, and the bathroom is different from the bedroom. If it is narrow and long, the bathroom will have a small area. Choose a square room in one step, which can be conducive to the feng shui of the home

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