What color is the best for the wall of the house

People’s faces can be divided into colors. When a person is red, he must be lucky. In fact, buildings also have colors that can be observed. If it is a new building, you must choose a building with warm colors. Bright red and green or too dark colors are not good

there are many such examples in China. In the central area of the same city, there are two adjacent buildings. One is bright red, resulting in a lot of wrong and wrong. Unfortunately, one after another, and a new building has been built next door. The color of the building is just the opposite. The outside is dark. The skirt building is made of marble. It looks very dark, too gloomy, and looks like a cemetery, dead. If it is an old building, you can know the good and bad luck of this building from the appearance. The exterior wall of a building with good feng shui is shiny. If it is the opposite, it will appear dark

therefore, when we choose and buy a house, we must pay attention to its exterior wall color. We should choose the paint color, which is mainly light color, so that the color not only looks good, but also has a good architectural style. Therefore, this tone will not make people feel exciting, and the contrast is not too strong. The color and collocation are as follows:

first, the color variety of the outer wall of the building should not be too many. One color should be the main color, while other colors are in the position. Pay attention to the change of color depth, light and shade

Second, we should avoid choosing the building with monochrome paint and try to choose multi-color, because this can improve the visual effect and make the building look more auspicious

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