What do you think of Feng Shui in toilet decoration

The toilet is not only a convenient place to wash away the dirt on the body, but also a place to adjust the body and mind and restore relaxation. Therefore, we should not ignore the design of color and light, and make it give full play to the best effect. The following key points should be mastered in the decoration of the toilet:

first, Color

the color effect of the toilet is composed of the integration of wall, ground materials and lights. It is better to use cold color, and it is better to match with similar colors and similar colors, such as light gray ceramic tiles, white bathtub, milky white washstand, and light yellow wall. You can also use warm colors, such as milky white, ivory yellow or rose red walls, assisted by floors with similar colors and simple patterns. Against the soft and diffuse lights, it not only has a wide view of the space and doubled the warm colors, but also is elegant, clean, pleasant and refreshing

in addition, black with gold represents mystery and nobility. In addition, glass, marble and mirror scatter a little starlight through the light, which makes it look golden and extraordinary. In addition, the bathroom boldly uses black-and-white super elements, which is simple and clear. It can be decorated with green plants, which can add a lot of vitality

II. ceiling

the bathroom ceiling can be made of a variety of materials according to different shapes. For example, the flat roof can be made of PVC gusset plate, aluminum gusset plate and plastic aluminum plate, equipped with light steel keel. The soft plastic ceiling, such as aluminum ceiling, etc. can be selected

the height of the bathroom is the same as that of other rooms. Therefore, in order to avoid emptiness and silence, the height of the ceiling can be designed between 2.2m and 2.4m. When the area is more than 8 square meters, you might as well install a cosmetics cabinet above the washbasin, hang a wardrobe far away from the water source, or set aside a place for daily dressing

III. sanitary ware

family bathroom usually includes toilet and bathroom. Its composition can be roughly divided into three parts: sanitary ware area, bathing area and face washing and beauty area. There are close connections between each region and functional differences at the same time

when selecting the toilet, first determine the drainage mode of the toilet: lower row or rear row. If it is the lower row, the distance from the sewage outlet to the wall must be measured and purchased according to this size, otherwise the best toilet will not make the best use of everything

the second is drainage performance. The performance of toilet is flushing, water saving and mute

flushing is to flush out the toilet and the sewage pipe. Only when they have both, can they be completely flushed. Water saving and mute is the general trend, and such products are greatly favored by users. This kind of toilet should be purchased mainly from the aspects of drainage mode, pipe position, internal structure and toilet accessories

There are two main types of basins and columns in the market. The basin is suitable for the toilet with large bay, which looks solemn and atmospheric; The column basin is suitable for the toilet with compact layout and looks exquisite and chic. The choice of bathtub tends to use acrylic cylinder, because acrylic profile has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, easy cleaning and good hand feeling. The design is more in line with the shape of human body, but the price is higher than that of steel cylinder

good sanitary ware has smooth and uniform glaze, strong acid-base resistance, low water absorption, no dirt and easy to clean. How to choose depends on your skillful hands and unique vision

the choice of sanitary ware style and color depends on personal preference, and the white toilet is clean and bright; The black-and-white bathroom looks youthful and lively; The colorful bathroom highlights personality. The simple, elegant, concise and avant-garde style is the complete display of the new concept of life. Living and personalization are no longer the patents of the living room and bedroom

in addition, good faucets adopt ceramic core valves, which are closely combined with the shell, integrated and durable. The selection of such faucets can only be based on the feel of the hand. Those with harsh feel should be purchased carefully. Remember to ask for the inspection certificate and warranty when buying

IV. lighting and electrical appliances

incandescent lamps are generally used for the overall lighting of the bathroom, and soft brightness is enough, but independent lamps must be set next to the cosmetic mirror to supplement the local lights, and fluorescent lamps can be selected for the local lighting in front of the mirror to increase the feeling of warmth, spaciousness and freshness. In the selection of toilet lamps, glass or plastic sealed lamps with reliable waterproof and safety shall be preferred

in the shape of lighting, you can choose according to your own interests and hobbies, but the installation should not be too low to avoid cumbersome or accidents such as splashing and collision

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