What Feng Shui should we pay attention to in decoration

When decorating the walls, we must avoid clutter, otherwise it will destroy the harmony of the whole house and damage the originally favorable Feng Shui. For example, there are too many decorations on the wall, and decorations or calligraphy and painting are hung everywhere, which will destroy the original beauty of the wall; Or the decoration colors are too different, and the matching between wall and dado or kick wall line is improper. In addition, attention must be paid to the use of nails during decoration. Nails should not be used too much. It should be seen according to the decorative items hung. Because the exposed empty nails are ferocious in Feng Shui

first of all, nails nailed to the wall will cause certain damage to the wall. Only by hanging auspicious items can we make up for the damage and increase house transportation

secondly, nails are sharp objects. If exposed, it will affect the health of family members. Especially for nails facing the bedroom door or bed, be sure to hang items

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