What do we need to know about Feng Shui in new house decoration

For moving into a new house, there will be many problems to pay attention to in the feng shui of decoration. If the feng shui of decoration is not good, it will directly affect the body and spirit of the family over time. What are the stresses of Feng Shui of new house decoration that we need to know in the end? Let’s have a look

what is the stress of Feng Shui in new house decoration? We need to know

Feng Shui in living room design of new house decoration

1. Area taboo

the area of bedroom is too large, more than 20 square meters; Or too small, less than Sanping. Aftereffects: if the bedroom is too big, too bright and there are too many windows, the Feng Shui Qi is easy to dissipate, the Yang Qi is insufficient, the Yin Qi of loneliness and deficiency is born, and the Yin Qi is much, the husband and wife’s feelings are easy to cool, discord and dispute. However, if you live in a small bedroom, you will feel depressed, which will affect the owner’s physical health and mental mood over time

2. Decoration taboo

the living room is hung with pictures of beasts, stuffed with antiques, sundries or decorations. Aftereffect: if you like to hang dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to facing the head of the beast in the painting outward to form a defensive pattern. Never threaten yourself with the head of the beast inward, otherwise it is easy to bring unexpected disasters to your family. In addition, if the living room is full of antiques, sundries and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the smooth airflow. Of course, it is easy to make people’s blood and health decline. Suggestion: if the living room is hung with flowers, plants, mountains and rivers, or auspicious animals such as fish, birds, horses, white cranes and Phoenix, there is usually no taboo. However, too many decorations should not be placed in the living room. Proper decoration is enough. It can not only make people feel fresh and clean, but also make residents develop healthily in body and mind

3. Light taboo

during Chinese decoration, the light in the living room is dark and dim, Living room wall and curtain (and other colors are too dark. Future effects: Feng Shui’s saying ” bright hall and dark room ” , is to emphasize that the living room should be brighter and full of light compared with the room. A bright living room can bring prosperity to the family, on the contrary, it may lead to the interruption of financial fortune.

4. Location taboo

you can’t see the living room when you enter the door, and there is no swing between the door and the living room. Future effects: the space utilization configuration is reversed, and the living room is set up by mistake If it is placed in the rear, it will cause the pattern of returning wealth, which is easy to make the wealth go downhill. Feng Shui Tips ” Like to whirl, avoid straight ” ;. There is no porch or low cabinet between the gate and the living room. The external air directly rushes into the house. The Yang in the house is also easy to dissipate, or it may bring the evil spirit of damaging the wealth of the family

Feng Shui layout for the decoration of the living room of the new house


many people like to hang calligraphy and paintings at home. Calligraphy and paintings belong to water, and water makes money. Therefore, when hanging calligraphy and paintings, they should be in the same direction as the door of the home, and take into account the direction of local water flow; If there is a fireplace at home, the fireplace must be hung around the sofa, which can set off the warm atmosphere at home. Don’t turn your back to the sofa furnishings, which is prone to the problem of villains behind you


square is the best choice for the layout of the living room, which can indicate that the owner is open and aboveboard, has broad interpersonal communication, and the owner will have good financial luck. It can also symbolize that the house is stable, and the furnishings in the house should not be too much in the East and less in the West. Avoiding the pattern of light on one side and heavy on the other side is not good for Feng Shui

doors and windows:

doors and windows are the places where wealth, hostility, air and light flow most widely in the house. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to set the doors and windows in the same straight line, which will lead to all blessings and wealth passing through the hall directly without leaving anything, and it will also have a serious health impact on the families living in the house


the diagonal in the living room seems insignificant, but it is also an important place. The diagonal should be clean and clear. You can’t put sundries there, let alone hang any mirror. The reflection of the mirror is easy to make the family uneasy and constant disasters, and it is easy to attract other unclean objects into the mirror and endanger the family


the door in the living room should not be too exposed. Try to set it in a place that is not easy to see and not obvious. It is best to see fewer doors in the living room. Seeing more doors will lead to the exposure of privacy at home, or the inexplicable exposure of some confidential documents and other private things as decision makers


many people like to put some plants at home to set off the background of the home, improve the connotation of the home and show the taste of the owner, but the plant placement is also exquisite. Large leaf evergreen plants should be placed in prosperous places, and thorny plants should be placed in more violent or unfavorable directions, which can stab those ferocious things


the living room can be equipped with some warm little animals, which can coordinate the hostility in the home. It is necessary to eliminate the placement of strange objects, whether they are strange in shape or things that the owner feels uncomfortable when looking at them. It is forbidden to display puppets or animal heads. Ancient Buddha statues without normal light sources should not be placed. It is easy to introduce evil spirits, and it is not easy to place more old antiques

Feng Shui taboo on ceiling decoration of new living room

(1) fluorescent lamps should be installed on the ceiling of dark living room

some living rooms lack sunlight, the indoor darkness is unknown, and it is easy to be depressed forever. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to supplement the light. The light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling, and the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight, which is most suitable for the living room lacking natural light. Daylight lamps can be used to illuminate during the day, and brilliant crystal lamps can be lit at night

(2) the color of the ceiling should be light rather than heavy

the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky, the floor is like the ground, the color of the ceiling should be light and the color of the floor should be deep, so as to meet the meaning of the importance of heaven and earth

(3) the ceiling should have Tianchi

the general storey height of modern houses is about 2.8m. If the roof of the living room is decorated with modeling ceiling, there will be a strong sense of oppression if the design is slightly improper

the ceiling shape with low sides and high middle can be adopted, which not only makes the vision more comfortable, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling will form a water gathering ” Tianchi, It will also be of great benefit to housing

if you gather water here ” Tianchi ” ; A resplendent crystal lamp hung in the center will have the effect of making the finishing point, but do not install a mirror on the ceiling

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